News: Hartmann, Hartmann everywhere!

Hartmann is my favourite Strike Witch so I was overjoyed when there are figurine releases of her! Yaaayyy~

We got a Hartmann Nendoroid! Right after Barkhorn we got her best friend and I gotta say our girl here is ADORABLE! Her military cap looks nifty and she even comes with her Strum effect part. Overall a really neat annoucement so GSC take my money!

And then Alter followed up with a figurine annoucement..aaah I’m like so broke now…I really like the hands spread out flying pose there. XD

Sanya was also annouced but I’m gonna be really broke so only Hartmann for me. =3

Then we have a garage kit of Hartmann. Other than being a Dengekiya exclusives, GKs are kinda hard to do but still it’s a nice rendition there. Dig the tummy~

tto wrap things up, Bandai’s joining in the fun and finally shown promo pictures of the rest of the Witches. Can’t say I’m a big fan of Bandai’s bishoujos..they just seem abit too forced..ah well if Hartmann’s announced…then I will see how it is =3
thanks for reading!

Info and pictures linked from Nekomagic!

6 thoughts on “News: Hartmann, Hartmann everywhere!

  1. Figure companies are really digging up to Strike witches, they is so many.
    the most overwhelming is Alter with its never ending releases of figures that look amazing i would love to see the whole collection once its done.

  2. So I am still wondering here; are the Strike Witches from Bandai AGP of similar size/scale to the figma version?

  3. One of these days I’m going to go back and get all the Alter releases…. eventually. When I realized how overpriced most of them are on the secondhand market now, I really regret not having gotten them the first go around. I had opted for the figmas instead, and look how well that got me. I’ll finally get three and four in the next couple months…. meanwhile Alter’s almost done. :/

    • Ahaha true about that! Alter might be slow..but at least they are consistent. And Alter figures shoot up a ridiculous amount when they become rare..which happens more often than it should..ahaha all the Strike Witches would take up a tremendous amount of space but dang it would look fabulous.


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