News: Wonfes Summer (July 29 2012)

Sorry for the lack of updates on my end..been really busy with school, exam and work so just here to do a quick post about upcoming goodies. Every Wonfes, my wallet cringes in pain as I look through pictures of delicious stuff which I want and probably not be able to get but hey…one can always hope right? I get my info from Nekomagic and since GSC’s part isn’t up yet..let’s take a look at my 2nd favourite figure company, Alter!

There really are a whole lot of pictures but for brevity’s sake, I only chose those that interested me. XD

Strike Witches are getting the love and just check out how much space they take up! If you have the whole squadron I don’t know how you’re gonna display them. XD Marseille and Sanya have their prototypes up and even though I’m not getting them..they do look good. XD

Romagna and Gallia is up next sooo Perinne and Lucchini anyone?

Alter’s gonna try their hand at doing Princess of the Crystal as well..? Judging from this it’s gonna be pretty awesome…aahh but I won’t have the space nor the finances soooo…

Ararara, what’s that I spy beside my beloved Peach princess? It’s Kongiku the fox spirit and she is REAL busty. Maybe to make up for Momo’s lack of all went to Kongiku…I’m not such a big fan of the prototype but I appreciate how nicely the tail and hair came out. However if they colour the kimono and lantern real good..I don’t know if I will be able to resist…=O

Ohh a Nadeko by Alter? And right after Kotobukiya announced their own Nadeko rendition? Ahahaha I love the character but they always don’t really translate well into figure form…I dunno..she’s too plain? Fuwa fuwa~

What Sengoku missed in dynamism is amply given to Melty and Misty…check out that icecream cone of Melty’s with all its’ details, her hat, dress…while Misty’s umbrella, pose and dress is just wow…aaah they would probably cost alot too so it will end up on my want but can’t buy list..much like Houmei..=(

And an adult Fate to go along with the released Nanoha! I kinda dig Nanoha’s pose more but hey to each his own. =3

And of course you can’t forget the dubious Paratrooper Ohana!

Can’t say I’m blown away by Nodoka though..even though Ui wasn’t that dynamic..she still looks pretty. Nodoka just feels..meh?

And Menma which I already pre-ordered. It’s just a prediction but I think all members of the Super Peace busters will get their own piece of the base and it will all connect together to create the entire hide-out…expensive idea..but a spectacular one. XD

Waver Velvet…? Really Alter? Was he even popular? I thought he was really whiny.. =3

And all these are just Alter…ahahaha dang I’m gonna have some pain when GSC hits me..XD

Links and pictures from Nekomagic



5 thoughts on “News: Wonfes Summer (July 29 2012)

  1. Happy and the same time uncertain (for my wallet that is XD) Definitely looking forward for all my delicious loli witches – Hope they do Lucchini awesomely ^^


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