Review: Nendoroid Yuzuriha Inori

Here comes the review of goldfish/void princess Inori! Guilty Crown got slightly too messy for me in the end but I really liked Inori so when her Nendoroid rendition was annouced, I decided to grab it with both hands! So here comes her review!

Inori has a really strange/cool outfit which exposes most of her frontal skin and in the anime, kinda hot sometimes but as a Nendoroid..she just looks adorably chubby =3.

You can see the whole goldfish skirt and fins from the side better. There is a colour graduation from red to orange and despite not being as pronounced as pretty as the Figma or Scale’s not too bad. The skirt is a rubber piece and it does get in the way if you want Inori to sit..which is a bummer.

Recently GSC’s Nendoroid paint standards have been slipping and unfortunately, I didn’t get the best Inori that I could have. The paintwork here is kinda messy..there are slight bleeds over the stars..the red costume into the body…the red parts on the black…aaaah…there’s nothing too glaring about the paint misses..but it’s all over the place if you look and that sucks..knowing how GSC is really good at painting stuff just makes me feel worse that Inori was so shoddily done. =(

A nice consolation would be that Inori’s hair sculpt is really those fringes and her pig tails can rotate about! Cheers to that!

Inori is supposed to walk around with a clear scarf but since it kept falling off and being a real pain, I didn’t use it for the review. Sorry folks!

With those frills on her costumes..Inori is really suited to do flying/gliding/swimming poses. XD

Inori doesn’t come with an overwhelming amount of stuff…just really accessories really tied into the show.

Funnel the friendly robot was provided and he’s pretty fun. Other than having the Void Genome in him, his eyes and legs can rotate about so it’s not just a solid chunk of plastic.

Inori just hanging out with Funnel.

When they sense an intruder! Is it someone from GHQ?

Angry Inori with her tiny pistols is probably my favourite Inori. XD intruder indeed! Inori strikes!

Inori: Are you here to take the Void Genome?

Kyon: Ahhh..damn what has Haruhi done again?!

Kyon: Ahhh look here goldfish girl..I’m not here to steal anything..just lemme me up first.

Inori: ….Shuu?

Kyon: Nagato should have a message somewhere..ahh here it is. It says…

Funnel: *beep beep meep meep*

Inori: I belong to you now, I’m your thing and belonging.

Kyon: EH what? How did that happen? Eh whatever..I need this void thingy to go you know where can I get it?

Inori: The void genome..take it..become the king..

Kyon: Eh that test tube?..aah alright.

Kyon: Ugh woah..that was weird….still not as weird as Haruhi though.

Inori: Shuuu…..

The effect part clips on to Inori’s waist and requires removal of 2 clips in her body so that the pegs can fit. These clips are real tiny so don’t misplace them!

Kyon: Bring me home void!

On a side note..doesn’t this effect part look like something? Rasengan!


Inori is pretty neat overall, with the void effects and Funnel included..however I would have preferred a bent leg to be included for more action poses and a more realistic sword for the void. Mine had some paint quality control issues and that really marked Inori down in my eyes. Should you get it..? If you didn’t watch Guilty Crown or if you did and thought it was bad..there really is no reason to get Inori here. Her accessories are really reflective of the story and her aesthetics aren’t that awesome to warrant non-fans to get her. For fans however..I’m on the fence about this release. I believe the Figma should be more fun whilst the scaled figure should be prettier..if you’re a sucker for Nendoroids then get her..she is fun in her way..however not getting her wouldn’t really kill you as well. XD

Now where’s Shuu?


14 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Yuzuriha Inori

  1. Testament that when you’re enjoying your hobby time flies by so fast (just remembered commenting on a post when pre-order for this was open, feels like it was just recent :P) Goldfish Xd Inori here sure looks adorable – pistol wielding and all >.<

    • Ahaha man now that you’ve mentioned it..holy crap yeah man, that post was on the 27th of March when I went back to check… That’s kinda scary! Yeah Inori’s a real charmer..tiny pistols goes well with tiny figures. XD

  2. Inori is one of the odd looking ones (besides Spiderman and the coming soon soon Irnoman), this is due to her dress.
    Now since when Kyon able to control voids…

  3. Hahaha! xD didn’t expect Kyon to show up! “what has Haruhi done again”,lol… gotta agree, she does look quite chubby, being a nendo and all… Anyways, nice job on the photo shoot, as always! 😀 non-less expected from THE Akashingou-san! 😉

    • hahaha you’re too kind! Ahaha yeah Kyon is one of the few male Nendoroids I have..and he kinda resembles Shuu so I thought why not? And chubby Nendos are cute too! =3

  4. Man, hate to tell you but I agree with you it’s a mess paint you got there… & also… I think I prefer her figma better, but dunno how this will turn out… Anyway, her serious expression somehow feels funny for me. I laughed when she noticed there’s an intruder, & good choice to pair her with Kyon!

    • Yeah the paint was crappy for mine..and maybe for all Inori releases..=(

      Anyways I really like her serious expression..on a’s superrrr cute! XD And Kyon pairs up so well with almost everyone. XD

  5. I love the fact that you can recreate the scene of pulling out a Void from her body because I don’t think the figma’s version allows you to do that. (I’m a big fan of figma!) Damn those paint works!!!
    As much as I love GSC’s products, I hope they don’t start to neglect their qualities any further as they expand their company!

    • It’s something that I’m kinda afraid of as well. Their stuff are getting more expensive and it would downright suck if the quality drops..more expensive and crappier stuff..dang..Yeah the void thing is pretty neat! Now if we only have Shuu then it’s gonna be even more fun! Meanwhile Kyon can pick up the slack XD

  6. she’s very pretty. didn;t get Inori though, even though i enjoyed the anime GC. I think i’m not that a fan of a nendoroid with ahmn.. sexy clothes. But she’s definitely a good catch! lovin’ your review

    • Ahahah if I weren’t such a big sucker for Nendoroids..I would probably have skipped the Nendoroid and went for the Figma or Scaled figure..aaah but dem Nendos…

      Ahaah but I get where you’re coming from…*winks*


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