Review: Nendoroid Kagamine Len (Ren)

I’ve had her sister for the longest time..and she was one of the first reviews to be up on this blog and I’ve finally got her brother! Welcome Kagamine Ren, my 2nd male Nendoroid and yet another Vocaloid! XD

The Ren I got was the re-released one (more on that later) but accessories wise, it’s the same as before. An interesting thing to note is that with proper positioning…Ren can stand on his own! Hurray for independent Nendos! XD Unluckily enough my Ren came with paint smudging on his pants (at the yellow bits) and dang it’ looks too obvious…=(

His onion bulb hair at the front and back can be rotated. Not much use..but it’s fun! You can make it seem like he’s happy or sad. XD

Ok back to the re-release. Before going into this..I gotta say that this is only limited to my experience and if I got anything wrong, lemme know! This is Rin’s face-plate above! You will notice that she has no ears and the base is an ugly clip stand.

Now check out Ren’s spanking new action base and he also has ears now! From what I know, the new Rin and Ren re-releases have the standard action base and added ears for their faceplates! That’s all about it though..the rest still remains the same. So now you can actually play around their face-plates with other Nendoroids! XD


Being an older release..Ren doesn’t have much going on..ahahaha

That empty face-plates are for stickers and everyone knows stickers are a pain to put on and don’t look that good. XD

With a bent arm and leg, Rin takes off running!

Blank face-plates are pretty funky as well. XD

And when you have one, why not 2? =3

The Kagamine twins going about scaring poor little girls….

Awesomely enough, Ren comes with an embarrassed expression and that’s really fun! And exploitable. XD

Ren also comes with a guitar keyboard and it’s pretty funky! Would have liked a strumming hand to go with it but’s cool enough as it is. XD Depressingly, the paint on the keyboard ain’t all the great..lots of little lines bleeding here and there so it’s a bummer.

Of course expressions from Rin are usable here!


Ren is an older Nendoroid and compared to newer stuff, might not be that flashy. This re-release is a an improvement over the original as it now comes with other Nendoroid compatible face-plates and an improved stand so if you’re getting Ren, get this instead of the initial release! However this normal release is kinda overshadowed by their Cheerful renditions so yeah…On the bright side, Ren is really charming in his simplicity and lack of accessories (sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by the stuff a Nendo packs) and is pretty fun if you pair it with the rest of his gang. A major plus point would also be being a MALE Nendoroid in which this line actually needs more of…=3 Ren is fun and if you already have Rin..duh get him!

Vocaloid singing practice!


15 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Kagamine Len (Ren)

  1. Ahaha, I think you got confused with their names in the beginning where you talked about getting him on re-release version and also being able to stand on his own.

  2. KYA~ Len sure is cute, just like his sister! xD this nendo’s gotta be pretty detailed, since the hair can be manipulated! nice job on the review and the photoshoot! 😀 speaking of which, where did you get the classroom background? o3o is it custom-made?

    • Ahaha nah it was the Nendoroid Playset Cultural Festival edition. I had it for some time and used it for like K-On or Sena before..just once in awhile when I don’t know where to shoot..I drag this out and place my Nendos in it. XD

  3. wow I didn’t know they produced nendoroids with empty faceplates and stickers to go with it XD seems strange and needs stable hands in applying the stickers I suppose. 😀

    • Hahah and probably do some top coating to take off the sheen of those stickers! I suck at it so I didn’t really bother..but it would look real cute if you did it right XD

  4. hello i’m new in this blog site
    i’m really enjoy ready your blog, specially the nendoroids review. you had an awesome collections >u<

    may i ask a little question?
    i tried make a post with few photos, how i make the photo under the cut like yours?
    so it won't look long…

    comment about this post :
    his expression really adorable when join with his sister XD

    • Hey hey! Glad you like the blog XD

      As for the cut, when you’re typing out your post, there’s the “Insert More Tag” at the top row of all the buttons, just click on that and it will appear as a long empty bracket. Tada, a magic cut appears! =3

  5. Aah I love this review! I can get Rin or Len…but I cant decide! Or perhaps I should get Miku?? Tough Rin and len are kind of special, you don’t see them that often ^__^ Too much nendoroids!

  6. I got a KAGAMINE LEN NENDOROID for her birthday, and it came with the blank face as shown. Do you have to purchase the stickers separately? Thanks~ ( ・ω・)


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