Review: S.H.Figuarts Akibared

With Akibarangers just concluding their first season, Tamashii Nations has obviously jumped on the bandwagon and released the S.H.Figuart renditions of them (Since the franchise belongs to them anyways….) From wanting to get them to nah..I finally bought my own AkibaRed courtesy of John Inu who let go of his extra one for me. =3 So let’s all enter into the grand delusion! ZZZkyun~

Really colorful box and the word ‘Unofficial’ plastered across the front window. Funky~

If a SHF was based solely on how accurately it depicts the show costume..Akibared would be the boss of them all. The joints are really really well literally looks like he jumped straight outta the show on to your table. Kudos have really done a great job with him. =3

Of course I would prefer his black visor to be of a clear material..however since all the Sentai has solid black was too much to hope for I suppose. =(

Their clear armor has been faithfully re-created and it does look good here! However his shoulder armor is made out of rubber and I worry that with the advent of might become a dust magnet. =3

His combat boots are kind of plain and on closer scrutiny..rather plasticky. However it has a good range of articulation so everything kinda works out in the end.

Well-hidden joints does not equate to awesome joints. The biggest beef that I have with Akibared are of his arms falling off…CONSTANTLY. His arm joints operate on a lever system do when it moves up..the part that holds the arms retracts..and the whole arm falls out. This is something novel as all my Figuarts doesn’t have this issue at all. Just waiting for his arm to drop into the gutter as I snap an outdoor shot with him…

Despite looking awesome..Akibared doesn’t come with much accessories..just the MMZ-01 Gun, 2 alternate scarves and a bunch of hands.The gun is kinda disappointing here..the paint applications are minimal and they really should have done a slight bit more..=3

Nobuo san is pretty glad he got made into an action figure. Now he can go hang out with fellow Sentais in my cupboard.

You have triggered the flag to defeat! Now I’m gonna smash your face in!

Come at me bro~

Action poses are really easy to pull off due to his flexible armor placement.

Running, running….


Red is calling for a time out!

Now armed with the MMZ-01. It’s non-transformable so don’t break it open or something. It’s also worth noting that he can’t do his Henshin pose with the gun in front of his chest. His arms can’t stretch enough. Doh!

pew pew pew!

The first release of Akibared also came with the Tamashii stands of the entire Akibarangers (man that’s a dirty trick Bandai! XD) which is kinda cool.

It just displays the Akibarangers log, their name and the A-KI-BA for each one. Ahaha nothing too fancy but it’s a nice freebie.


If you have watched Akibarangers and enjoyed even a second of it…this should be a definite buy for you. His articulation is real flexible, the aesthetics are good and it’s fun to mess around with. The lack of accessories are kinda disappointing but considering that their weapons are packed with the rest of the Reds (Deka Cuffs, Bouken Scoop and Jet Winger), it makes marketing sense to package Akibared like this. The additional stands are also welcome considering that a set of 3 would cost you some extra cash to purchase seperately. The constantly falling off arms are irritating as well but it’s just something that takes time to get used to. Taking all these into consideration… I would say YES, get him..and also get the other 2. They just look and play too good to pass up on..XD

Waiting for the rest of em…


15 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Akibared

  1. I also got akiba red, he’s awesome! I haven’t played with him that much so i’m not sure if mine has arms that fall off like that!

    Have you seen the robo itasha?! It’s so awesome but it’s so damn expensive! I think I’m just gonna get the Akiarangers and call it a day.

    • Hahaha let me know when you mess around with him! The Itasaha is too pricey mate, looks crazy awesome with a crazy awesome pricetag..I rather hold the cash for a possible Malshina! XD

  2. Oh man, I’m still amazed at how much better than Akiba rangers look in comparison to your typical super sentai, the figuarts help nail that point down. Kinda of a bummer the stuff withe accessories though.

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  4. Man I am saving for a toy show and hope can find some of these. The Akibarangers have been fun. Watching season one but watched more of season 2 already. Loved the Powerful Rangers ep.


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