Review: Nendoroid Saigyouji Yuyuko

Saigyouji Yuyuko is yet another character from the awesome Touhou Project franchise. Yuyuko is the mistress of Hakugyokurou or Underworld and being it’s master, holds an awesome power over death. Being such a overwhelming character, I really wanted the Nendoroid as it was uber cute and I had a compulsion to complete the Touhou Nendoroids. I finally managed to score her off Mandarake at 4000Yen (without shipping) so now here she is!

Yuyuko is an exclusive so she might get pricey but just bide your time and a good deal should pop out soon enough =3

Yuyuko-sama spots a really clean and simple design. Nothing too spectacular here but what’s noteworthy is that despite the simplicity, the painting and individual bits are all so crisp and perfect!

You might have also noticed that Yuyuko uses an arm-stand instead of the traditional skirt-stand like all the other Touhou-ians

But fret not! Yuyuko also has her own unique stand which details all the poor souls floating in an infinite circle of boredom.

A closer look at her dress! Love how cleanly that floral pattern was printed on. Her ribbons all look really good with no paint bleeding!]

And of course Bloomers!

Her aesthetics already won me over but she’s no slouch in her accessories as well! Other than alternate hand parts, her hat and 2 stands of souls are also included!

Her hat is HUGE and kinda heavy. The sculpt looks really realistic especially around the frills. Loved how the blue shading thinned out around the edges as well, gives the whole thing more definition.

Without her hat, Yuyuko kinda felt devoid of it’s a whole new different story! She looks so so much better with her hat! As all Touhouians should be. XD

Did I also mention I love how her hair is sculpted? Goes so well with her hat!

The Souls (Butterflies) and Ghosts (dubious sperm looking worms) also add a really neat touch to the whole package. It’s really nice that Yuyuko comes with an alternate hand which allows you to peg a Butterfly in which makes it seems like she is holding it.

With Menma’s flowers for more happiness =3

This is easily the best pose you can do with Yuyuko! I love how mysterious the whole Nendoroid looks like this, really befitting a Mistress of Death XD. You can have really cute Nendoroids! But mysterious ones..? Not too many I reckon.

Yuyuko tries to create the perfect cherry blossoms. (Pardon those red flowers..I couldn’t find any pink ones)

あららら、look who came to crash the party!

With a swirl of flower petals~

The party resumes! Perfect cherry blossoms for everyone! XD


I’m really impressed with this Nendoroid release. Yuyuko looks really good and has really nice accessories to go along with her. I was over the moon when I grabbed her for 4000Yen and the only reason I didn’t get her earlier were the exorbitant prices demanded all over the place. If you didn’t like the character before, you’re bound to do so after messing around with her. A must for all Touhou and Nendoroid collectors and a really nice piece to have for others! Get her if you’re able to source a reasonable price for Yuyuko..or cross your fingers and hope for a re-release! XD

Now I wonder..where can Youmu be?


18 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Saigyouji Yuyuko

  1. ne ne, here’s a question, What’s Project Touhou? o3o Found it on Miku’s Eroge once…. Putting that aside, She’s a nice Nendo, lovin’ the details on her dress! not to mention, the some-what sperm-looking spirits! xD Nice photo shooots, mate 😀 one more thing though, you made those cherry blossoms yourself??? O_O


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