Review: Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock

I’ve always held out on Bandai’s Figuart Zero line as I felt that their quality doesn’t match the prices being offered. Essentially, Figuart Zero is a mid-ranged product line that offers the quality of a scaled figure but in a smaller and more economical package. Of course you do get what you pay for so the details won’t be too bad..but not astounding either. With the Pirate Empress Hancock, I take my first baby steps into the world of Figuarts Zero…

I got her for around 40SGD, or 2600+Yen and from the packaging..felt pretty reassured. The box is constructed of stiff cardboard and the entire thing felt pretty solid. So far so good!

All Figuart Zero characters has their own unique stand and although it’s pretty wont’t be seeing them much so it’s alright.

Sculpt for Boa is really nice! It reflects the ridiculous waist line Oda Sensei is known for and overall just fitting for the hottest lady in One Piece. Look at that thigh! =3 The ends of her hairs also look pretty nice. =3

No major blemishes of the logo on her dress. The purple paint used  is kinda sparkly and with a gloss coat topped on, it’s pretty nifty.

On closer inspection, you can sort of see the flaws more clearly. Her earrings are just golden globs..the top of her hair feels really flat and dead..the collar’s sculpt seems rather messed up..however the most important thing..her face is perfect! When you’re paying 2000+yen for a figurine…you can’t really expect perfection for all those little things I suppose.

You might not see this often during display, but I like how her arm is tucked behind like this. Gives a real sense of authority. XD

The fur trim also looks pretty sucky…~

Boa also comes with an alternate arm. Just pluck the current one out and plug in the desired arm. Nothing too fancy but she still looks good. =3

Standing in Marineford..waiting to kick some unfortunate fella’s face in.

A comparison between Figuarts Zero and her candy toy representation. The skin tone and facial expression is so much improved! However the candy toy one has much better fur trims…doh!

Then we have Salome her pet snake! It’s a solid chunk of plastic and pretty hefty.

Overall Salome looks pretty good and his body sculpt feels pretty realistic as well. Considering that other Boas doesn’t come with him, it’s a pretty neat addition considering how vital Salome is to the imagery of Boa.

Once again closer inspection brings out all the tiny flaws. The paint is messy..especially around the smaller areas..and I can’t get over how dumb Salome looks…=3 However his blue mane looks pretty good!

I don’t like how obvious the connection is when viewed from above. However since you’re gonna be placing Boa inside, she would block it from view so it ain’t too bad.

Boa with Salome is an arresting display of force!

I prefer Boa stroking Salome more! =3


I came into Figuarts Zero already mentally prepared. It was not going to be perfect at the price I was paying for but it also shouldn’t be too horrible. Thankfully, Boa far exceeded my expectations! Despite the blips in painting, she is really beautiful and when you throw in Salome as a’s really quite a major win! The sculpt is good, the paintwork is decent and overall, a fun purchase for me! Get this Boa if you’re looking for something economical and fun-sized! Just don’t have such high expectations..=3



10 thoughts on “Review: Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock

  1. She looks beautiful. (*´Д`*) You can even see that depression at the center of her stomach, that definitely says something about the size of her outfit, haha. I actually thought the fur on the Figuarts’ one looked better because it seems to have a better texture!

  2. I don’t watch Bleach but Boa is a very beautiful woman. I’ve only ever heard of Alter of the more famous companies like Alter so Figuart Zero is new to me. I’m glad you felt satisfied by your purchase 😀

  3. Yeah, She’s gorgeous, mate! =3 Nice photoshoots, as always! xD She reminded me from one episode in the series, when She seduced Luffy, and all that Luffy could think sbout at the moment was ‘Where’s the meat?’ xD

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