Event: STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention) 2012 Singapore

Last weekend was STGCC again and this time instead of being held in Suntec, it was in Marina Bay Sands..~ Managed to pluck a little time in between work and spirit myself over to the event!

MBS (Marina Bay Sands) has this mock river flowing amongst all the retail outlets complete with gondolas and this group of Cosplayers were merrily waving to all the guests. =3

STGCC is sort of a major pop-culture mashup of East and West. With Japan’s anime stuff mixing it up with American comics/game, it’s gonna be interesting. =3

Kotobukiya’s booth!

Bandai Namco had Tekken Tag going on~

And if you were an avid Hot Toys fan, you would probably be delirious with all the exclusives and product sneak peeks!

I like how the Hulk’s hands were reaching out for that unfortunate fellow…

Hot Toys Hulk is humongous..

Classic Batmobile is real funky~

Hmm…still like the previous one more..~

And Gundam fans, take note! I’m happily playing this game as well..suck at it though…XD

A TokiDoki Booth there.

Many more booths selling personalized stuff~

And impressively enough, a fully Touhou dedicated booth! I managed to snag the final Flan plushie and Iphone 4 cover..XD And to make the deal even sweeter, their items aren’t even that expensive!

And to make my life even happier, a real life Flan-chan! XD With Rem and Sakuya to boot! =D

Wonder where’s her hat though? =3 Still Flan is Flan!

Such a long queue…and ton of anime characters as well…name them all folks! XD

All for a chance to take a photo with celebrity cosplayers Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun!

A really sweet Snow Miku~ And also the Golden Compass bear!

Even Barbara with her wheelchair came to join in the fun! Together with the rest of the gang~


I really should have more pictures..especially of the Cosplayers and stuff..but due to time constraints, that was all I could manage. There were many positives especially on the Cosplay front..Singapore’s quality is really improving and everytime I attend an event, I always get blown away~ The amount of Touhou cosplays are also increasing in number and I knew I saw Yuyuko and Reimu somewhere in addition to the Scarlet Devil members. However this year’s event felt kinda cramped and on the merchandise front..nothing too exciting for me (not a Hot Toys fan) and the lack of posing areas for Cosplayers was a major bummer. Still the lack of time on my part might be the issue so let me guys know what you think!


12 thoughts on “Event: STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention) 2012 Singapore

  1. hehe, sneaked out of work, eh? xD Whoa…. Defenitely way more cooler than AFAM! xD KYA~~~ me soo jelly, with the Gundam Capsule Fighter and all…. *o* Nice Pics, mate! 😀 Thankx for the review and all! ^^

    • Ahaha there are games and stuff and normally it’s held at Suntec where there’s an IT fair right next to it. This year it’s a different venue so the crowd ain’t so frightening…=3

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