Event: Gunpla Expo Singapore (NEX Shopping Mall)

Every year in Singapore, we have a Gunpla Expo going on and it’s a great place to check out upcoming products and look at some awesome builds. This year had a change of location from Compass Point to NEX and I dropped by to take a gander at all things Gunpla. XD

The Expo was made up of 3 areas, the Displays, a Gunpla caravan for kids and a retail booth.

Despite discounts and what have you..the prices they were offering for the kits weren’t terribly attractive whatsoever..every year it’s the same issue so nothing to be surprised about. (Even though I said that..I still bought a RG Titans Mk.2..=O )

What was really interesting were the displays. Check out all the Gundam Front Merchandise! The last time I went to Tokyo, it wasn’t up yet so it’s definitely somewhere to return for. =3

Amuro seems to be hogging all the Gundam Front love to himself…=3

Then a China exclusive kit! It’s kinda funny that there is an exclusively China Kit and it’s RX-78, wouldn’t Dragon Gundam be more appropriate? Considering that it’s also to commemorate the Chinese year of the Dragon.

Just seems to be the awesome Gundam 2.0 with some cool stickers and a special base.

All the extra parts that Bandai now produces which you can use to jazz your suit up.

Sazabi! My number 1 favourite suit of all time! This awesome Sazabi is the winner for the competition and staring at it..I can see why…it looks soo bad-ass! =D

Love that crazy sparkling on the limited HG Sinanju..will get it someday for the right price..

All the Unicorn OVA exclusive boxes.

A Nobel in a bouquet of flowers?

This Epyon is really cool…it has Nataku’s dragon claw from the back and Shenlong’s one on his arm…and the modeller pulled it off some seamlessly it looks like it actually belongs to Epyon! Cheers to that!

HG Age1 to 3..the evolution..

All the limited kits you could get from the Expo..I came waayy too late and everything was sold out..ahahaha

The MG SEED line. Even though I’m not a fan, I gotta admit that those kits do look good!

Buster’s details look really nice and love how the legs can spread out and balance that beam rifle while still looking realistic. Bandai seems to improve on their engineering every time I look. XD

Aegis is no slouch as well, the Mobile Armour form looks nasty! I don’t really wanna get clamped by those pincers….=3

The Meteor unit which is getting re-issued to go with the RG Freedom and Justice.

Some mag add-ons for your HG Age 2. For freebies, the color separation is pretty good. XD

Jumbo-sized Father and Son.

And the upcoming Legilis! I didn’t know it has a detachable head…very Zeong-ish..aah I can picture the final clash just like A Baoa Qu…

BUT the highlight gotta be the RG Zeta! I travelled to the expo just to get a glimpse and it’s disappointing that Kamille’s suit is being posed in such a boring way..however it should be still a prototype since the joints and everything still look kinda gummy. I really wonder if RG Zeta can transform into Waverider mode…probably will be loose like hell if that’s the case..? Still I’m really excited..

Well that marks the end of the Expo post..sorry about my lack of reviews..I have quite a few piled up so should be clearing them soon enough! Thanks for reading all the way and seeya guys around! XD


6 thoughts on “Event: Gunpla Expo Singapore (NEX Shopping Mall)

  1. Whoa….. It must a Paradise for Gunpla Collectors there….*drooling @_@ The ammount of Gunplas…….Are too damn High! *o* I’m totally struck by the elegance of Sazabi! Not to forget Aegis and Buster, reminded me of my childhood! xD What I like most is the Custom Epyon, It looks Really Bad-ass!!! Brings back my memories, since Epyon was My first Gunpla (It’s in Ruins Now!) xD What’s that you say, Meteor’s getting a re-issue, and for the RG series???? O_o

    • Ahaha you could try with the HG lines, they are pretty affordable and fun as well. XD

      Ahhaha I wasn’t really aiming for any exclusives as well, since you always paint them the desired colours yourself. XD

      • Now I remember, my frenemy used to paint his gunpla collection and it’s a lot of work. I suddenly realized that I don’t have the patience and skill to paint, and my Hoihoi-san modelt kit is way overdue. :))


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