Review: S.H.Figuarts Akiba Blue

Following on from Akiba Red’s review, here is Blue in all her action figure glory! A tough martial artist and a closet Otaku, Blue is the 2nd member of Akibarangers so let’s dive in and check her out! 重妄想! Z-Kyun~

Interestingly enough, Blue has 3 scarves compared to Red’s 2. =3

The whole Akiba suit is faithfully re-created her. From her clear n blue parts and also the more feminine curves, it’s all done here and it’s pretty realistic!

Her hands and feet are really small and if you’ve handled other Figuarts before, the difference is obvious. Her skirt is made outta soft rubber so not much restrictions there.

The Akibarangers’ helmet design is really simple so nothing to screw up there. And I didn’t notice Akiba Blue had a  sculpted nose before!

Her ponytail can’t move so don’t try twisting it about!

The white on her chest is painted on while her arms and legs are moulded white plastic. The difference in tone is kinda irritating but it’s not something that kills off this figure..still some consistency would be nice.

Remember Akiba Red’s constantly falling off arms? Well Blue here doesn’t have that issue since her arm is a solid piece and this adds so much more solidity to the SHF. =3 Bandai seems to realise this so they made Blue’s head really loose! Her head pops off so easily it’s like she was decapitated before and they just popped her head back in without any connection…dang Bandai…for every good thing you gotta take away something else?

As far as accessories go..Blue doesn’t really pack much..just alternate hands, the blaster and 3 scarves…

Now how’s her playability? Blue can easily pull off all kinds of kung fu poses and it’s fun and all but something’s missing..You know how Blue is so awesome at kicking ass in the show with her moves? I find it really difficult to re-create that kind of energy and the whole kung-fu shtick with the SHF. Not helped by her tiny feet as well… Static poses are great though. =3

Gear 2nd!

Akiba Blue doesn’t shoot much so I didn’t do much poses with the gun. =3

Ohoh, what’s Nobuo-san doing…?

Of course Mitsuki is gonna kick your face in for trying that…=3

For my dear readers however, here is what Nobuo was getting at! A panda print right behind Blue’s pantsu! XD


I really enjoyed the SHF Akiba Blue. The feminine sculpt is really obvious and charming, the kung fu poses were really cool and despite the lack of accessories, the figure more than makes up for it. Other than the annoying fact that Blue’s head keeps popping off, I had tremendous fun with her and she does look fantastic right beside Red. It’s not often that you get female Sentai members as non-exclusive releases so it’s something to consider if you have some extra dough eh. =3


7 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Akiba Blue

  1. WOW! You can lift up her skirt and reveal a kuma pantsu \(^▽^@)ノ That’s cute!!! And not to mention those great feminine curves! Yum, yum (>y<)LOL! Akiba Red did a good job, if you know what I mean…hahaha ^^ Nice!

  2. HNGG! so, you can actually lift up her skirt to reveal her pantsu??? O_o I must say, It’s very brave of Akiba Red to do that! xD and lovin’ her nice curves! @_@ ne ne, are you planning to get Akiba Yellow too? o3o

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