Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Stronger

The sky calls out, the earth shouts, the people shout cries out…because it’s finally time for the review of the most awesome rider of them all! Kamen Rider Stronger proudly carries on the Showa mantle for the S.H.Figuarts line so let’s henshin! Stronger!

Showa riders always sport classy packaging and Stronger is no exception. =3

Right out of the box, Stronger looks and feel really good. The colors are solid and vibrant and when contrasted with the flat black, it just looks tremendous. I thought his chest piece would be kinda difficult to replicate but Bandai did an awesome job with it…everything looks as it should and Stronger’s oversized head is cheerfully present. =3 Oh in case you didn’t know, Stronger is based of a Kabuto beetle. XD

Check out those clothing wrinkles at the back, it really gives a touch of realism to the Figuart.

Stronger has really distinctive bug-eyes and probably one of the few main riders without any compound eyes. The SHF didn’t disappoint paint bleeds whatsoever and they even threw in the sparkle for his horn which was present in the original suit. The sparkle ends up looking like paint splatter though..however the thought is appreciated.

With a giant piece of armour right in the middle, one could be led to expect some posing difficulties..well fret not folks! Stronger’s shoulder pads swing upwards and also…

His entire chest armour can be lifted up to this height to facilitate sky pointing poses! Awesomeeeeee!

His belt Electrer looks decent enough..however was kinding hoping the red star in the middle was composed of clear red plastic instead…=(

Stronger comes with various hands, lightning parts which combine to form 1 electric current thingy and just 1 scarf (not pictured) The sole scarf is kinda a bummer..was kinda hoping for 1 static and 1 blowing scarf at least..ah well…

Stronger really looks cool however you pose him. XD

When you fix all 3 pieces of the effect part together, you get a really spiky electric burst. I thought it would be kinda cheesy but it really looks better than expected. I ended up using it for the rest of the shoot..XD

電 Shock!

Electro kick!

Electro chop!

Electro fire! (The effect part is from Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger)

Ultra 電 punch!!


Stronger Electro…


R.I.P Shigeru san.

Now we need X and Riderman for the legendary 7 riders..=3


My favourite Rider is Stronger so obviously this will be pretty biased…ahaha but I will try to put my personal opinions aside and give a balanced conclusion…Stronger has really good aesthetics..his paint job and sculpt is tremendous and right out of the box you can see that Bandai made an honest effort to do him right. What Stronger suffers from would probably be his lack of accessories..the lightning effect part wouldn’t make much sense to a non-fan and only 1 scarf? Dang..if you are a fan of Showa riders..this release would probably be make you jump over the moon but for others.. another funky looking rider with an enormous head is in the market..

Don’t mess with the Stronger!


13 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Stronger

  1. I like how all Kamen Riders are common and unique at the same time (Commonly Unique O.o). Love the effect parts, they should get more of those for figmas (Hey! I know you’re listening MF!)

  2. For some reason, the toy companies always do an exceptional job with Stronger. Even the old SH Stronger figure looked really good for its time.

    This is probably the most accurate (not to mention fun to play with) Showa SHF figure they’ve released so far.

    • Oh yes! Maybe there’s a closet Stronger fan-boy in all the toy companies! Or maybe it’s design is just easy to replicate…anyways it really pleases me that Stronger turned out so well, since I’m a big fan =3


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