Review: Ultra Act Ultraman (Renewal Version)

It’s been ages since I touched any Ultra Acts and I’m glad to say that with Ultraman renewal, I’m back and swinging into the line! Ultraman Renewal version is an updated version of the previous Ultraman and with recent Ultra Act improvements, how can anyone not be excited?

Ultraman’s packaging is really really classy. The black bits are flat whilst the silver really pops out with it’s chrome finish. It kind of highlights just how Ultraman is a true collectible and not some random child supermart toy. =3

The newer Ultras all seemed to have bulked up considerably and Ultraman follows this trend faithfully. The joints all still seem obvious by my standards and his hip are still kinda loose but overall the effect is really striking and feels solid.

From the side, Ultraman’s musculature is even more obvious. Fighting random Kaijuus really makes you work out. =3

The newer Ultraman Hayata (left) has a much more streamlined appearance compared to his first iteration.

A much longer helmet with brighter eyes as well! =3

The appearance of his joints are also improved and look so much better in the newer version.

His eyes really shine in the light! XD

A size comparison between a SHF and an Ultra Act.

The effect parts that come with the newer Ultra are outstanding! The sculpt and paint of it is so so much better than the first one. =3

There’s a little triangle that can be removed and the adaptor for the Tamashii stage inserted.

Action poses are really easy to pose off and I think that the more dynamic it is the better Ultraman looks. No problem re-creating his signature crouch and he is surprisingly steady on his feet even whilst crouching.

Of course with a Tamashii stage stand, so much more can be achieved. However since Ultraman is heavier than typical S.H.Figuarts, he tends to fall off and it might take some fiddling to find that perfect angle.

Ultraman really loves to get up close and personal with his monsters…


Ultra Cutter! The effect is really awesome and deadly looking and probably the most economic way of displaying Hayata. =3

Due to our foolish ways, the terrible pollution saps Ultraman’s energy and when it run lows, the blinker on his chest turns red and starts to flicker. Beep, beep, beep….

Time to finish up…

Specium Beam! The attack that all kids watching Ultraman tried at least once. =3

On a side note, the Renewal version can also fit into the cloak that was provided with the first Ultraman.


I kinda despaired a little when Bandai announced a re-made Ultraman. I was like “why…I already have the first one!”..But when I received it and cracked it open..all my apprehension was just blown away. The sculpt is really awesome, his joints and stability is fantastic and the effect parts are really well sculpted and painted. I don’t really want to say it but this Ultraman release just blows the older one out of the water, not only is the first one obsolete, it’s not even as pretty to match….=( This is THE definitive action figure of Ultraman Hayata and unless you’re really a sucker for the cape that comes with the first Ultraman, there really is no reason to regress (since the Brother’s mantle is available). If you like Ultraman or if it made an impression on you during your childhood, you gotta get this!

Thanks for reading folks!



15 thoughts on “Review: Ultra Act Ultraman (Renewal Version)

  1. Nice review!
    I got this even though I have NEVER seen an episode/movie of Ultraman. Although I only got him was because I couldn’t remember If as a child, I had a vinyl figure of an Ultraman was the original Ultraman, or Zoffy (turns out it was Zoffy who I did purchase.)
    I haven’t messed arounf with them much, I’ve got them posed with Zoffy standing at attention, hands on hips, wacking Ultraman across the head.
    Looking forward to recieving Gridman at the end of the month!!

  2. So nostalgic, I watch something… I really don’t know what it was but it had Ultraman and it involved space travel to mars or something some Americanize dubbed movie. Still it was enough to make a big impact on me as all his signature moves and looks were forever cemented in my memories.

    This figure is pretty, I think all the fancy effect parts make it a worthwhile pick up even for people like me that are not hardcore fans.

    • I guess that was Bandai’s aim all along! Make it really attractive..even to non-fans and tada, instant new fans! XD

      Ahahah well Ultraman is pretty awesome..and if it had an American gotta be kinda popular as well. =3

  3. Ultraman! Haven’t had Ultraman action figure for ages. Ah, remember the days when I came back for kindergarten and need to watch TV for some Ultraman actions 🙂 Sad when Ultraman gets defeated. Nice figurine, and man, what a poser is this Ultraman ^^ Knocking down monster just for the cool photos ^^ Say, what is that monster?

      • Have you ever tried clear floor polish to solve that problem?

        By the way, I recently ordered Ultraman (renewal version), Ace and Jack from Mandarake. Your reviews inspired me to buy them. Apart from the fact that I’m a long-time Ultraman fan. I kind of lost faith in Ultra Act a few years ago when I had Ultraman and Ultraseven, seeing that they were lackluster in several aspects.

        Got any plans to purchase that Ultraseven renewal version? and Taro as well?

      • Yeah the first 2 were pretty bad..but the new ones are aces!! I’m definitely getting 7 to complete my brothers and Taro’s review is on the way as well! Anyways my Zoffy’s pre-order got swallowed up again and left me complete brothers without Zoffy ya’know =(

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