Apologies for the lack of updates…

I know there is a dearth of updates recently and the speed of my posts hasn’t been all fantastic. With the advent of a new job and starting school..my finances and time have kinda dried up so it resulted in a stagnant period for the blog…Excuses aside..with the coming week I should be more released from my current commitments so hopefully, I can knock out some reviews then.
Sorry for the wait folks! (If you guys even waited. XD)

9 thoughts on “Apologies for the lack of updates…

  1. as a matter of fact, yes, I’ve been waiting for your post! xD nah, it’s fine mate.. =3 just glad to hear that you’re doing fine… I thought that you had fallen sick or something! xD What’s that? you say something about your job, and school? o3o

  2. seems like we’re having the same problems, except for the school part haha! But I’m starting to come back to blogging on my website too! I just hope I can finish my current project soon enough so that I can post soon.. =3

  3. Okay, it has been a while, and I am beginning to miss your updates. I check this site almost everyday… but it isn’t because I got nothing better to do though!!! =P


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