Event: AFA 2012 (Singapore Expo)

Before I knew it, AFA rolled around again and right smack in the middle of all my projects and stuff. But of course I wasn’t going to let myself be deterred by something as insignificant as homework so AFA here I come!

This year’s convention was held at the Singapore Expo (near to the Airport) so for foreign friends, it’s somewhat easier than the usual place in Suntec City. The area rented out for the entire event was much bigger as well and each hall had it’s own activities going on. Whereas the previous events had a stage area for all the talks/movie screenings/concert and another place for the booths, this year had 1 area for movie and talks, 1 area for the concert and a hall for the booths. Of course with the increased space there gotta be increased ticket prices so for those interested in that, you can check out the AFA link.

The moment you came in, you would be facing the GSC and Bandai booth. At that very moment I could feel my wallet shaking in fear but hey..what’s the point of going to an anime convention without some loot home eh? =3

Danny Choo had his own booth with some goodies such as t-shirts and tables where you learn how to play Moekana. =3

An impressive amount of dolfies were out and about as well. They sure look super expensive…~

A Homu-homu car! You will never be late in it as you can stop traffic and stuff. Unless you’re stuck in a jam..which is essentially time being forcefully halted. XD

I really like this poster! It shows the Madoka girls sitting on a slope and what’s so cool about it is that the Merlion (symbol of Singapore) is behind and so is the Fullerton hotel! It’s something similar to how there was a Capt America comic with the Merlion being sold during STGCC.

There was this fancy cut-out of Baby Metal and so if you wanted to heado-bangu with them, step inside and snap a few shots. =3

A different Mirai itasha everytime! =3

The talkshow stage was over here, separate from the booths.

And guess who I managed to snap a photo of!

And of course with any convention, there’s bound to be goodies! This Aniki muffler is super cool but the pricetag is soooo high. ($45.60 SGD is about 3000+ yen) Aniki is busy with the Mazinger 40th Anniversary concert so he didn’t come over this year..man I do miss him. Z!

Lots of goodies on sale and it was seriously affordable. Of all the anime conventions I went to, this one had the cheapest pricetags for stuff. If I didn’t pre-order most of the stuff I want or already have it, I would be so dead…

Super-1 just looks terrible. It’s those antennas..it just totally ruined the look. If I do get it, some modifications are definitely in the works.

The robo-itasha is ridiculously large in robo form and pretty awesome to boot. Not that I’m in anyway tempted..there wouldn’t be space for this fella.

Akibarangers beside the Merlion! And posing in front of the Marina Bay Sands! If you recall, I brought the Milky Holmes girls to this location as well! =3 Anyways what’s up with the Merlion? All the anisong artistes also mentioned the Merlion as well..do tourists really love it that much?

No new glimpses of un-announced Nendoroids or stuff like that. Just prototypes and Wakana is looking mighty adorable here…and I didn’t pre-order her. =(

More prototypes here! Miku Dayo is kinda weird but that’s exactly what appeals to me. A chubby Miku? Bring it on! Nevermind the fact that it’s supposed to reflect a mascot costume. =3

In my seriously humble opinion, I kinda think that cosplay had to take a backseat this AFA. There weren’t much places in the event hall that allowed posing and if you had to go out, you’re subjected to weather and strange backgrounds. Still the standard of cosplay was awesome and I can see how much better people get with every coming event. Check out the JoJo poses~

And I believe this the 1st time I saw an Al-Azif? XD

Red Rangers assemble!

Yeah, pretty hard to pose when everyone is just standing around..

But some were still game and pulled it off! Man that Bane is mean..

Those full-body suits are really cool and the Unicorn Gundam even had Led lights in his psycho-frame! Gavan wasn’t that shiny but I can really see the effort man. AWESOME!

Really realistic and elaborate cosplays abound.


I only took photos of the exhibition halls and just going by that..it was pretty killer. They had artiste appearances within that area, awesome discounts on merchandise and lots of new products displayed. However when you add in the stage talk shows and the anisong concert, it’s an amazing experience! Yeah I know the ticket prices have increased and the location isn’t that ideal (lack of adequate food places, things to do.etc) but if you love anime and all that it brings with it, you’re gonna be a real happy camper. This year’s anisong was really fun with groups that I never knew existed making appearances and old favourites coming back to make me cheer myself silly. Most importantly of all, I saw Sphere and that means I got a glimpse of Aki-chan, Minako-chan, Haruka-chan and Ayahi-chan! HARUKA TOMATSU is so gosh darn adorable!!!! =D The sound set-up seemed pretty bad in anisong but still I enjoyed myself immensely and together with all the loot and cosplays, made it a fantastic 2 days. If any of guys are coming next year, let me know and we can meet up or something!

Oh for more photos, head over here for the full album. =3


16 thoughts on “Event: AFA 2012 (Singapore Expo)

  1. You need to add “AKI TOYOSAKI is so gosh darn adorable!!!!” as well. ^_^ She was hopping around so much, and one time even did the neko-nyan pose during the Q&A session~
    Heck, the entire Sphere was lovable. Loved how Ayahi used the word “difficult” many times, and still said it wrongly, even in the concert.

    The Bandai booth had some good sale going about, but unfortunately no Precure merchandise at all! I was hoping for some Precure S.H.Figuarts, but haiz….

    I will inform you when I am going again next year, if I remember to. XD

    • Yes Yes Sphere!! I didn’t state Aki-chan cause she was getting so many cheers…while poor Haruka seems slightly neglected..=3 Haha the difficult bit was cute, and all 4 of them used it later on.

      Yeah Bandai had some crazy bargains, the Hannybel Figuart Zero was only going for $15, but I felt Robo Robo and Rapid Culture has the best bargains. =D

  2. Oh man, so messed up as soon as you enter both GSC and Bandai goods? Someone wants to hit the wallets pretty badly.

    It all looks pretty cool, I really like how in AFA the actual people who create and participate in the Anime culture seem so much closer than at other cons.

    • Hmm I’ve only been to a few other non-AFA cons but in comparison, yeah AFA does aim to deliver stuff to the best of their ability for the fans. Still I’ve heard complaints over on my side over how they are over-charging, lack of relevant content.etc

      Personally I think that it’s good enough we get an annual con of this magnitude just for anime, so i’m pretty thankful. =3 And Sphere was here this year, last year had Milky Holmes, previous year had Scandal…. XD

    • Ahaha the school uniform Nendo Homura, SHF Red Hawk and Akiba Yellow, some random illustrations and a photobook. Together with the concert tix and stuff, maybe around $300 SGD in total? Was real fun though. =3

  3. Holy, SHIT!! SHF Ichigo Sakurajima in there too?! Man, I can’t wait for that Ichigo arrived at my house!! XD & That’s a nice armored Tyranno Ranger cosplay, I really like the Tyranno Ranger!


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