Review: Nendoroid Princess of the Crystal

It’s been so time since I’ve embarked on a review and it seems only right that I continue with a Nendoroid review! Since they are the most adorable things in the world….=3 Our star for today is Himari-chan or Princess of the Crystal. Himari is a terminally-ill girl and is pretty much kept alive when she wears that strange mysterious Penguin hat. If you’re interested, then watch the anime Mawaru Penguindrum for more!


Right out of the box, POTC comes in her full costume with her hat on. The 2 tails are connected via Nendoroid joints and they are prone to fall off once in awhile. I’ve noticed that the paint quality of recent Nendoroids seem to be declining but thankfully my POTC has a really good paintjob on her. The frills are all sculpted nicely and no bleeds at all. Yay!

It’s also interesting that with her skirt, POTC can balance without the need of a stand! The pearls also look like really realistic due to the paintjob. =3

I was hoping for some clear crystals on her hat like in the Penguin eyes or the green jewel..but everything is painted on! Boo! Still I should be thankful for the solid sculpt paintjob here! Paintbleeds are still visible, but they are really really minor. Check out the sculpt for the white feathers and the penguin face, pretty neat eh~

The lines are all neat and the gloss of the corset and boots really contrasts nicely with her matt skirt and hat. =3

Not too many accessories here. Most of them serves to depict POTC’s henshin movements and the 3 Penguins are truly the only accessories you get with POTC.

Check out her arms! Her white shoulder frills are disappearing! It’s a nice thought but not something that is exactly fun in this Nendoroid…with those arm frill thinga keep falling off….

*poof* It always tickled me that Himari’s henshin stages gradually strips her of her clothes..and the people that are watching it are her brothers..

I switched the original skirt for the other one, which flares open. The open one allows POTC to have wider leg poses.

Even without her skirt, POTC is still super adorable! There’s just something about the entire package that just oozes cuteness.

When you throw in the penguins…it becomes too awesome! Plus the penguins are numbered! The only thing missing are the items the Penguins uses, like insecticide.etc  The Figma POTC had why not the Nendoroid ones? =(


Go and carry out my bidding!

Awww..being protected by a ring of penguins? =3

However…this was the reason why I got POTC! A Nendoroid that stands on penguins! Cuteeeeee!! It’s kinda tricky getting the balance right for this pose..but it’s so worth it! Your Nendoroid gets to travel via Penguin express! =3

You can also experiment with the hat. Personally I think POTC looks the cutest with her hat on. =3 However if you dig Himari without her hat, then why not? =3

This Nendoroid kinda suffers from a lack of playability. Most of the extra stuff are aimed at re-creating her different states of undress when she henshins and it’s actually kind of boring after awhile. What saves this are the 3 penguins and even they aren’t that poseable! They have really tiny feet and are prone to toppling over so essentially, play-wise this Nendoroid ain’t that great. However what POTC loses out in playability, she makes up for it in aesthetics. The gloss and matt coat together with the sharp paintwork makes it a joy to look at. When you throw in the penguins by her side, it’s truly a visual treat. There are few Nendoroids that can match the visual impact that POTC brings and it’s something that would look good in your shelf. I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone..if you love to play with your Nendoroids..different expressions, arm parts , props..then POTC ain’t that awesome. However if all you do is take them out of the box, arrange them in a killer pose and leave them there..then POTC is worthy of consideration. =3

Initiate survival strategy!



8 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Princess of the Crystal

  1. very nice review. this is going to be in my watchlist.
    She looks nice and all, but I knew it right then that this isn’t going to be as awesome because of its lack of playability. I like those penguins though. :3

  2. Those penguins are cute lol Haven’t gotten around to watch Mawaru Penguindrum, but I can still say PotC looks great.

    Tell me, is it just me or PotC looks heavy (with hat and all)?

    • Yeah it’s pretty heavy and those twin tails tend to fall off alot as well which is irritating. But the good thing is that she balances perfectly with her skirt so it kinda negates the weight issues. =3


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