Review: Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Nico Robin (Megahouse)

The One Piece Portrait of Pirates (P.O.P) line has been one in which constant praises have been sung to my ears..however I have managed to keep myself out until Robin was announced…with my favourite character in her gloriously sexy new form, how could I resist? So here I go, my first P.O.P experience! Come along for the ride! =3

The box is pretty big, but not as big as other P.O.P ones I’ve seen. First impressions ain’t that great as well, the material of the box is kinda thin and cheap feeling, the colour mosaics are pretty funky but still doesn’t give off an exclusive vibe..reminds me of my Griffon Flan’s packaging..

However once Robin is free from her plastic prison, I was pleasantly surprised by her size! I knew she was tall, but not this tall! =3 For her pricetag, you’re getting a pretty tall figure, which is cool! Everything looks as it should and nothing that glaring to highlight here.

Robin tends to lean slightly backward and I’m concerned about future leaning issues with her. The pegs supporting her doesn’t seem to help that much with balance…

What I particularly like is Robin’s skirt. It looks realistic enough, with all the bunching up and stuff and even though the flowers had some paint bleed, it still looks pleasing. And check out that impossibly slim waistline! =3

One Piece characters always have ridiculous busts and Robin has hers on full display! If you were to overlook that and check out her jacket, the gloss coat is pretty sweet and even the blue is shaded differently! =3

Accesories wise, Robin only comes with alternate arms and her sunglasses. The difference the 2 is that 1 is made to rest on her head while the other is meant to be worn. You can see that the nose bridge of both glasses aren’t painted and are still brown…I wondered if it was meant to be like this and checked the box…boo! The box had full silver frames!




With the glasses on, Robin looks much more complete! I’m also glad to announce that Robin looks pretty much as she should..the face might be plain..but that’s how Robin looks most of the time. =3  Also check out the flower motif on the left side of her jacket, it’s actually sculpted on.

Robin donning on her shades…I personally think that it makes her look goofy..~

Just switch her alternate arms and you have a relaxed and stylish Robin! This appeals more to me than the previous pose, as it’s kind of over-used with almost Robin figure on the market sporting that look.

Robin looks like she just saw something interesting..

” I wonder if Noah fell on all of us and crushed us flat, would the sea turn red with our blood?”

A comparison with the Figuart Zero.  All I can say is, the Megahouse pretty much punched the Figuart into the ground…

The next few pictures might be NSFW..

You can also choose to remove Robin’s skirt to expose a sexy thong~ -3

Here’s where I want to rant a little! Check out those orange spots on her butt and thighs! It’s where her skirt rubs on her skin and Megahouse should have really done better engineering to prevent this from happening. In the packaging it’s alright as there’s a plastic sheet protecting the 2 layers but once she is displayed without it, paint transfers are seriously a pain. =(
I could try to rub it off, but I shouldn’t have to do that in the first place..


For my first foray into the P.O.P line, I’m not that impressed but it’s not by any means the fault of the figure. It just so happens that Robin isn’t as spectacular as say Zoro or Franky when converted into a figurine and her pose isn’t that electric as well. The paint transfer was a pain and also the fact that I’ve been exposed to better stuff which might have dampened my enthusiasm..Still it’s a pretty solid figurine and at a cheaper pricetag than other brand name releases.  Seriously, if you’re looking for high quality One Piece figurines…P.O.P is the way to go! =3

Saint Fleur!



5 thoughts on “Review: Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Nico Robin (Megahouse)

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  2. Hey I just found your blog, and well…bookmarked! I have a question though that brought me to this page in the first place. I bought this figure, and same thing happened to my Robin regarding the skirt paint. May I ask how you removed it? I’m new to figure collecting so I wouldn’t have a clue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And of course, great review.

    • Well there are several could try using an eraser and if doesn’t work, alcohol should do the trick. However the topcoat might be affected sooo do anything with discretion. I didn’t do anything for my Robin though, just left it as it is.


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