Review: S.H.Figuarts Akiba Yellow

Yaoi fan-girl Yumeria is here in her Sentai form as Akiba Yellow, and I finally managed to complete my Akibaranger set! =3 If you recall, she was one of my loot in AFA 2012 and I grabbed her at a bargain of 2000yen. Let’s crack her open, and see what does Yumeria bring to the table!

If you have gotten any Akibarangers at all, the box and it’s content should be all similar…not much of a surprise there.

I already have Blue  but I’m still impressed by how feminine the sculpt is. =3 Their hands and feet are much smaller and she looks pretty awesome. Like all the Akibarangers before her…Bandai is really trying their best with this line. =3

I like how well the joints are hidden. It makes the SHF so realistic. =3


The clear part is really clear and bright and no serious paint blurbs on mine. Yellow’s twin tails can’t move so don’t twist it!

Right out of the box, you can make Yellow strike all sorts of ‘kawaii’ poses. From angry

to Neko nyann nyann~ ones. Her wrists and elbows are really flexible and that really helps in conveying certain poses.

Nothing too breathtaking with her accessory count here. Just a slew of different hands and 3 kinds of scarves together with her Z-cune gun.

A comparison between Yellow and Blue. I didn’t notice it before but they actually have different skirts! It’s pretty awesome…or I’m just so inattentive…=(

I don’t know why but Akiba Yellow is just surprisingly fun to pose with.

Some action poses with her gun.

A comparison with her fellow Yellow. Gokai Yellow has a rather plasticky yellow finish and Akibayellow looks so much better in comparison. Akiba’s yellow is much more solid and brighter while Gokai’s one is kinda sickly and has a weird sheen to it…nice to see that Bandai improved on their colouring…my favourite Gokaiger still looks sucky though..=(

double-wielding Yumeria!

In to save the day for the Akibarangers! Before heading to Comiket! XD

If you have any of the Akibarangers before, then Yellow wouldn’t bring anything different to the table. Her accessories are almost similar to Blue’s one with the exception of some different hands..the accessory count isn’t that awesome and overall you wouldn’t consider Yellow unless you have the rest. Negatives aside, she is probably the best out of the 3 in my opinion. Red has the horrible issue of loose arms, Blue has her loose head but Yellow is really solid in all areas. Plus Yelow is also a joy to mess around with all the cutesy poses and for some reason, I had the most fun with yellow. Aesthetically speaking, Yellow also looks really good and when you get the trio together, there is a tremendous sense of satisfaction. If you already own 1 or 2, get all 3! If you don’t, then still get all 3! =3


Z-Cune~ all the way to Season 2!




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