News: Nendoroid Dead Master Animation Version

Mikatan just previewed the Dead Master Animation Version a few days ago and despite me disliking how GSC milks the BRS franchise,

I got to say…this is impressive!! XD I already reviewed DM-chan before so what’s so cool about this one?

I kinda like the original design much more than the animation ones..I feel that the colours are kinda force-fed to you..see how green DM is here..I don’t mind the horns and the ribbons on the feet but the green frills on her arm just feels odd when her skirt’s frill is white.

The veil is a pretty neat touch though..although it kinds of remind me of a jellyfish..

Without the veil is still super cute and the scythe’s looking mean! The green on her head comes off pretty well and doesn’t feel like moss which might be an issue if it wasn’t done that proper. Still if the final product looks mossy, just put her veil on. =3

But seriously..the main thing for me got to be the throne! How many Nendoroids get their own throne…? And a mean and evil looking one to GSC is really pulling out the stops for the BRS girls. XD Chariot is probably gonna be crazy as well….

With other Nendoroids joining in the’s gonna be an awesome accesory…

However with that throne, her pricetag is higher than normal but she is really really attractive…man I don’t know whether I should splash down the cash for a pre-order as I can see her prices skyrocketing afterwards but I really want her?

What do you guys think about this Dead Master? =3
All photos and information kindly linked from Mikatan’s blog! She is awesome!! And on a side note..if you’ve bought the Nendoroid complete file..her photo is inside! =3


7 thoughts on “News: Nendoroid Dead Master Animation Version

  1. I always really disliked the TV version for her, but you’re right…the throne is very great! Although…the veil…it look like she put a trashbag on her head or something like that. And the two greens on the same model just really clash as well…Also, unlike the beautiful textures on the original DM, this one really lacks in that…but I mean, she’s stil pretty cute. But for me, I think I’ll just enjoy photos of her rather than having her in my collection…

    • Yeah I agree with the colours here, really force-fed into you that DM is supposed to be GREEN..ah well the throne is pretty boss though…luckily enough my friend opted to buy this so it freed my cash up! XD

      I’ll just borrow it from him when the time comes! =3

      • Ahaha once I get that throne, I’m gonna try all my Nendos that can sit on that evil throne..maybe some of them will enter the dark side…=3

  2. I’ll probably just go for the figmas… because for some odd reason (personal preference) her nendoroid version (despite the throne thrown in) still doesn’t appeal to me as deep as other things.

    • The Figma is gonna be probably well done as well..with the veil being less obtrusive than the Nendo since it’s smaller.

      BUT what got me was the cocky expression when DM sits upon that throne…=3

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