Outdoor Photography: Chinese Garden with Madoka and Homura

Once again, I went to the Chinese Garden since it’s nearby and sadly..it wasn’t as productive as I hoped…mainly the area wasn’t that ideal for Madoka and Homu-homu but still I felt the day was sort of wasted. However, Pandayaki got some really good Reiumu shots so at least it wasn’t all bad.

This time round we went to several new places that we didn’t know existed and it was pretty nifty. Ahahaha

Check out the lengths Pandayaki would go to, just for a decent shot of Nendoroid Reimu. =3

I stole his Reimu for a quick shot…XD

The shots weren’t something that I was really proud of and despite me wanting the best for my Nendos..inspiration just didn’t strike..ah well…have you guys ever had something ideal in your mind..but when it came out physically..it just didn’t work out? Ah well….at least I got some fun walking about the garden. =3


7 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Chinese Garden with Madoka and Homura

  1. Some time mate, some time, I’ll also do this some time! 😀 Just too many motorcycles and people around currently 😛

    Anyway, great job with the photos! Makes me want to get my camera and do some actual shooting XD

    • Ahaha I’ve not been doing it for some time and this really helped to relieve my stress. XD

      And motorcycles are dangerous! Don’t want them running over any of our precious stuff…=3


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