Outdoor Photography: Old Queensway KTV building

If you ever took the train from Commonwealth to Queenstown station, you might come across this abandoned building that’s along the road. Considering that Singapore doesn’t have much of these kinda places, it felt like an amazing place to shoot and I dragged my new figurines over there for a photshoot! It’s just so appropriately dilapidated!

Here we have the re-released Saber: Triumphany Excalibur from GSC and boy she’s a real beauty!

Next is Alter’s Menma from Anohana =3

Looking through the photos, I realized that I took most of them from a similar angle so it gets rather reptitive after a while…gotta improve on that in the future. Other than that I was kinda happy with how the shots turned out today and really glad I made the walk over to this abandoned area. One of my favourite things about outdoor photography is always finding new, unexplored areas to snap and this one probably is one of the coolest, most unorthodox areas so far =3
I felt that this area really fit both Menma and Saber..with this run down building doubling as either Saber’s battleground or Menma’s secret base. Anyways I will be doing their reviews soon so stay tuned for more! And yes I’ve been doing more outdoor shoots than reviews recently…XD


4 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Old Queensway KTV building

  1. Whenever I am walking to Queenstown Library, I would always pass by this area. I too am fascinated by the place, no matter how many times I have seen it. Yet still somewhat spooked by its lonesome and deserted presence. I can only imagine what it would be like if you took the pictures when the sky is even darker… or perhaps when it is about to rain.

    Did you went alone for this trip, or had company?

    • Ahaha I was pretty lucky that only the sky got dark..no rain that day! And I went alone..to better enjoy the ambience of the place…=3

      I was half-expecting to have ‘guests’ in my shots…thankfully nothing happened. XD


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