Review: 1/8 Menma (Alter)

I love Anohana and despite Kotobukiya and other companies rolling out their versions of Menma..I held out for the Alter rendition and pre-ordered her the moment she was available. Now she is finally here so let’s check out whether my choice was right!


Menma’s box was much smaller than I expected and considering how much she cost, around 9000 yen..I felt kinda sad but the pretty box colours alleviated the sadness slightly..=3

Menma comes displayed with her base and even though she is kinda tiny..the base makes up for it with it’s wealth of details. Menma sits on the base without too much fuss and wouldn’t topple over due to a magnet as long as it’s level but tilt it slightly..and off she goes~


From the side you can see that the whole thing looks much wider with Menma’s out-stretched legs.


Menma has a really simple look and I’m glad Alter didn’t try anything extreme. She’s looking really doe-like here and just gazing at her makes me feel at peace..=3 However there are some obvious nubs and flashes right on her fringe and it seriously irks me. Alter stuff is normally perfect but this Menma has all the obvious nubs which is not only distracting but ugly. Considering that it’s right at the sides of Menma’s face…it’s something that you can’t unsee. Doh!

The base of the figurine has a small flat area and without the magnet holding Menma down, she wouldn’t be able to sit on her base. This also makes Menma unable to sit on any other level surfaces as she would just topple forward. You need the base for Menma over here..can’t get too creative with her sitting poses..=0 (Well of course you can use tape or blu-tack but hey what’s the point?)

For a simple white dress, Alter pulled it off with aplomb with all the natural creases and folds in the fabric. It’s really nice and Menma has some seriously cute toes. XD Her hair is appropriately wavy as well but not too complicated to fit in with Menma’s simplicity.

Accessories wise, that’s all you get to go with the base and it’s all really well done. Check out the diary! =3

The base is pretty awesome by it’s own and it really complements Menma. The paintwork and details are kick-ass and I’m almost ready to call this the 2nd figurine instead of just a base. It’s big enough to be used for Figmas and Nendoroids and that’s pretty versatile as far as bases go. Should have placed my Nendoroid Menma in…

This is my favourite part of the entire ensemble..the super peace busters etched into the wood. =3

An idyllic life with Menma…sounds really good! XD Just looking at her makes me feel happy and contented..=3

Plus she looks good from almost all angles!


I love the characters from Anohana and this Menma despite having some negative first impressions..won me over the more I snapped her and now I really really adore her…=3 The nubs on her hair are a bummer and so is the fact that she needs her base to balance on but all this are overwhelmed by the details of the base, her sculpt which exudes peace, the awesome colour combination of Menma with her base and just how awesome she looks from every angle. I’m loving my Menma and am really proud to get her in my collection but I also recognise that this might not be for everyone. The pose isn’t that explosive and the price-tag is pretty high so if this effort by Alter tickles your fancy..why not give her a shot? Just pick one without any QC issues on her hair..=3 As for me, I will be eagerly awaiting the rest of the Anohana crew to complement Menma so come on Alter, take my money! XD

Waiting for Jintan~


6 thoughts on “Review: 1/8 Menma (Alter)

  1. Wow!!! Lucky you! You actually bought it ^^ I love the overall. The diary is simply fantastic. The details of the accessories and the base are just amazing. However, I’m not a fan of magnet base (it kinds of annoy me for some reason) ><

    • I get your frustration there, it kinda limits what you can do with it..but Menma’s magnet is really’s just enough to keep her from falling and that’s it. I didn’t even realise there was a magnet at the beginning =3

    • Thanks mate! Ahaha yeah if you didn’t get her, the oversaturation of Menma might put you off..=3

      Really glad I found a place to shoot her as well, will be going back in the future.


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