Review: Nendoroid Akemi Homura School Uniform Ver.


With Madoka reviewed, it’s only natural that Homura would get her chance in the spotlight and with a bigger box, would Homura fare any better than her  pink-haired classmate? Let’s gooooo before Homura stops us here forever~


With a bigger box comes more accessories and it all looks super fun!


Same uniform, but it just looks better on Homura..=3


Her hair kind of gets in the way of the stand it gets irritating when the stand keeps falling off =(


Yeap! Emotionless Homu-homu works even when she’s a school girl! XD


Good details similar to Madoka’s uniform..same neatness!


A comparison between the 2 versions. I kind of like school uniform Homura’s hair tone over the mahou shoujo one more…


It’s kind of confusing but the school uniform version ALSO gave us another braided Homura now I have 2 similar heads with a different pony-tail end..pretty generous GSC..but kind of pointless. But hey if you dig’s gonna be awesome for you =3


Plenty of accessories whic means plenty of play-ability!

Homura starts to learn the way of a Mahou Shoujo..


However, as hard as Homura tried..she can’t prevent Walpurgis night from recurring..frustrated..Homura set off to find a solution.


Ahah she thought to herself! *Thus begins the anime*


This is probably my favourite form of Homura. The red ribbon adds much needed colour to her ensemble and the bow and arrow is pretty neat as well.


A bunch of Robin Hoods?


To top the awesomeness of ribbony Homura, you can even clip on a funky set of wings to complete the look. If you didn’t watch the anime, the wings would be hard to explain so just go ahead and watch it! Anyways, the wings are kind of pretty..translucent near the ends and with all kinds of flower patterns on it. That’s how I’m going to display my Homu-homu! It’s just epic! Well until Ultimate Madoka comes along…


I might be biased but I find school uniform Homura a much better release than Madoka. She comes with so many more things and that really brings her playability to another level. The accessories included are really neat and pretty and it improves on her mahou shoujo form as well so if you had that, this is going to be a treat! However this is also a problem..if you don’t have the mahou shoujo version, getting this would be half-pointless and not that fun. Pretty much like Madoka before it, this release is something extra and not a must-have. However if you do have it, it’s going to be real fun =3



12 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Akemi Homura School Uniform Ver.

  1. Have to agree with u that the school uniform homura is way better than her madoka counterpart :X … she has way way way more accessories!
    Just got the both of them too 😀

  2. Hmm… I wonder why the different hair tones with Homu and Madoka. I like the accessories this Homura comes with. I really dig Homura with Madoka’s ribbons, I think she just looks so darn cute with it for some reason. I also like that she comes with those wings from the epilogue, really wish GSC would do a scaled figure of her with those wings as they look in the epilogue.

    • Yeah that ribbon! I personally love that look as well..that’s how she is displayed in my collection, together with those wings!

      And if GSC were to do a figure for that..I would expect it to be around the level of Ulti-Madoka…amazingly and expensive..XD

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