I know December is the month of giving and all but what GSC did was open the floodgates and bam! I was overwhelmed with so much Nendoroid goodness it’s ridiculous. First of all, Nendoroid No. 300 is Miku Ver 2.0 and boy she is adorable!

For a Nendoroid to be representing the landmark 300, I was thinking whether it would be Miku or BRS…however since BRS got her animation version earlier has to be Miku. And sure enough, our favourite teal-haired diva got the honours! XD

The original one was plenty cute in my opinion and credits to GSC to improve on an already amazing Nendoroid. This new one has a better defined body sculpt, a metallic finish and just feels so much more cheerful! I have like 5 Mikus already but hey another one wouldn’t hurt! XD

And a Pettanko look-alike! Waah this is super super adorable…=3 And this revolutionary number 300 also comes with a new face-plate switching system and keyboard accessories..all in all a must-buy for me XD. And what’s this I hear..? You get a Nendoroid pouch with a pre-order?

More information over at Mikatan!

Up next we have Shinomono Houki from Infinite Stratos and I was really tempted by her until I realized that Phat Company was doing her instead of GSC…that makes me kinda wary but the promo pictures do look good, check out the hair!

Then I stumbled onto Nendonesia’s blogpost about upcoming 2013 Nendoroids..ahhh sweet despair ensued.

Len and Rin Append to go along with my Miku Append...

My favourite character from Haganai..Kobato-chan…

Chariot looking might-fine as well with Miho-chan from Girls Und Panzer on the right…=O

And yet another Touhou Nendoroid..makes my wallet bleed…Fujiwara no Mokou, I will have you one day!!

Go over to the link to check out more pics…but if you’re still’s more!

2013 Snow Miku! OMGGG, of all the Snow Mikus..I got to say I love this the most..look how simple and beautiful she is…arrrgghh

Of course Miku got to have her twintails and when the hoodie is down, good ole Miku is back =3

Uhwaaahh a gentle sitting pose too! With this really unique serving plate!!! I’m already loving the Yuki-Onna look and this just overkills me..I HAVE TO GET THE PRE-ORDER DOWN! XD

There are futther pictures down this link from Nendonesia but I’ve seen heart can’t take no more…=O

Well this was pretty exciting for me so what do you guys think about all this craziness thrown forth by GSC? You folks tempted by anything..?


11 thoughts on “News: NENDO NENDO MADNESS!

      • I got Elsie, Ohana, Yune, Sakura. And waiting for the re-release of Itoshiki Nozomu.

        Do you know any other existing Nendoroid that fits in the Japanese themed category?

      • about Reimu, Sanae, Yuyuko and Youmu? They are Touhou Nendoroids so it might be kinda tricky to hunt down…=3 Oh yeah how about Yukata Miku? =3

  1. The 2013 Snow Miku’s design really caught my eyes the first time I saw her. With her prototype out, she’s much more stunning than I was expecting her to be so she’s now a priority on my list! I’m still considering if I should pre-order Append Len and Rin or get them after release.

    • The 2D didn’t really convey her full cuteness but now that the promo pics are’s crazy adorable!! Hmm I normally pre-order Nendos since they become a lil bit more expensive when out but it really depends..=3

      • I’m trying not to spend recklessly now so since I don’t feel all crazy over Append Len and Rin (yet), I’m hesitating. Maybe they’ll hype me up once colored, who knows!

  2. Will definitely buy Snow Miku because she’s super adorable! I’m excited to take her pictures too! ^_^
    Since I don’t have Miku’s original nendoroid, I preordered 2.0 too. Yay! 2 Mikus for 2013.

    • That’s a really auspicious start to the year! I have the original Miku but this new one just made it feel so obsolete.. Ah well and I’m gonna do as you did, get both Mikus too! Hi-5!


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