Review: 1/7 Saber, Triumphant Excalibur (GSC)


This figurine was one of the choices I submitted during GSC’s online poll and when it got re-released, I put down my pre-order as quickly as I could and despite certain delays, she is finally here so let’s crack her large box open, and check our King out! =3

_1290924 _1290927

The box is massive and if you’re shipping this baby overseas, it might cost you a pretty penny~

_1290930 _1290934

The base is pretty wide as well and I really like the broken tiles and whole rugged effect of the it. The Fate Stay Night logo is placed there in case clueless friends were wondering where Saber hails from..(they couldn’t put Camelot now could they..=3)


2 different Excaliburs. One with the effect and the other without. Both are really well painted and I personally prefer the plain sword more.

_1300017 _1300015 _1300013 _1300010

When you plug Saber into the base, you’re left admiring the whole dynamism of the figurine. Saber feels really solid and has a certain heft to her and it’s amazing how GSC came out with such an ingenious placement for her peg.


Check out that peg! It’s a piece of metal cleverly plugged into her feet and into the base. Even though I have certain qualms about how it would pan out in the long run, it sure feels tight and looks unobtrusive, which makes Saber’s jump even more convincing.

_1290949 _1290953 _1290955 _1290957


Of course with a 1/7 figurine, there are a wealth of details. I especially love the expression over here! From every angle it looks different depending on the elevation and the whole “I’m determined to smash you into a million pieces” look really shines through here.

_1290961 _1290964 _1290967 _1290969 _1290974

Her armour is also another amazing work of art and the gradual shading of those greaves and side plates give it a really realistic look. This is how Saber would look like before entering a battle, which brings a sense of regality to the entire figure.

_1290976 _1290980


The front skirt has a patchy look to it and for a moment I thought I chanced upon a defective product. However closer inspection of the promo pictures proved that it’s the default look. I don’t really know why they went with it but hey it’s kinda ugly =O

_1290982 _1290984

Her skirt is also flowing all around her which adds so much more to the movement. It also flares up pretty high so you would need a wider berth than expected to display her. Love all the frills and little golden pins/

_1290987 _1290989 _1290994

Not much difference with Excalibur on, just that she has something to hack people with now.

_1300001 _1300003 _1300004

A quick switch of the weapon. The clear sword really appealed to me in the begining but after awhile, normal Excalibur felt so much cooler..=3



This was one of the items that I voted for re-release and it also ended up as the 3rd most popular re-release item at the end of the polls. This shows the immense popularity of this figurine and it isn’t hard to see why. The pose is super awesome, the paintwork and sculpt is top-notch and seriously, there is nothing I dislike about this figurine (other than the patchy front skirt). However Saber’s strengths also contributes to her weaknesses . The bigger size justifies a bigger price-tag plus shipping fee and the whole jumping pose takes up a tremendous amount of space. The metal peg supporting the figurine is also a concern as I wonder how long it would stay stable as even now, Saber wobbles when moved. That all being said, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever and am proud to add her to my collection. This appeals to me much more than Saber Lily or Alter and would highly recommend this to anyone! Just beware of bootlegs =3



6 thoughts on “Review: 1/7 Saber, Triumphant Excalibur (GSC)

  1. Nice haul! I like the sword with the blue swirly effects.. 😀 Its amazing how they balance these kinds of figures… imagine that whole figure held by a single peg in a single foot.. balanced out with the base.. just amazing.. o_O


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