Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Super-1


Kamen Rider Super-1 sports one of my favourite designs with his unique helmet and sleek sliver look. When the S.H.Figuarts was annouced, I was pretty hyped and after messing around with him for abit, I finally finished up his review =3

_1300144 _1300146

Super 1 comes with plenty of accessories and inside the familiar packaging all Showa riders come in. So far so good!

_1300148 _1300150

The silver finish is really pleasing, reminiscent of Shin Ichigo‘s paint and look at how many creases went with Super-1. It’s kind of ridiculous that the suit would be that tight…how would the actor move..? =3

_1300153 _1300155

From the sides you can check out how sweet the helmet looks. Crisp and mean looking..however I have a MAJOR ISSUE..


The damn antennas! It’s super thick and upright…I get that the original suit had it at a similar angle..however it wasn’t so thick and if they could do thinner antennas ala Skyrider or Ichigo..why not replicate it for Super-1? I thought of bending it under hot water but common sense and financial issues came to the forefront. I will live with it…somewhat..

_1300161 _1300163

Other than that, everything is pretty much awesome for Super-1. The joints are tight, painting is swell and his gauntlets can swivel! It’s probably the first for any Figuart in this aspect..probably due to his hand switch gimmick=3

_1300165 _1300167

The hands are really well done and even though they are accessories, the sculpt and paint is top-notch! I kind of expected some flaws knowing Bandai but they turned out a stellar job this time.

_1300242_1300177 _1300179 _1300181

There are 2 kind of tassels, flowing and static ones. It’s easy to pop it in and also easy to pop put. Just make sure whenever you’re playing with Super 1, there aren’t any holes the tassels can fall into and be lost forever…=3

_1300185 _1300189

Hand Change!


Super-1’s Super hands are his default ones and they are silver in colour. The Power Hands are red in colour and allows Super-1 feats of super-human strength.


Megaton punch!

_1300199 _1300203

Hand Change!


Thermal Hands are Super-1’s temperature controls.


Right spews fire..


Left shoots out ice..or nitrogen..?


Check out his Elec Hands! Elec is pretty self-explanatory…

_1300218 _1300222

Hanging out with his fellow electric buddy.

_1300229 _1300232

Radar Hands! The missiles shot further Super-1’s scoping ability..allowing him to sense further distances and what not..


Of course the arms are interchangeable as well. So you can have a mulit-coloured Super-1 if you desire and like what my friendTendy mentioned, you can actually have 5 Super-1 all sporting different hands..if you’re really rich and have plenty of space that is. =3

Anyways from the pictures, hand-swapping seems like a breeze right..? Well it’s an absolute b*itch (sorry about the language). The hands go in really tight and it’s a pain to keep pulling them out while worrying about the elbows’s definitely not a fun experience and not one I would be keen to repeat in the near future. Just do it slowly and avoid any nightmares..On a positive note, tight fittings means that all the hands are snug and will never fall off! Yay!

_1300233 _1300241

Requisite Rider Kick XD


Super-1 is tremendously well done. Aesthetically the paint and sculpt are aces, the joints are tight and poseable with a wealth of accessories to complement it. The negatives would be those damn antennas and the pain of arm-swapping..still those can’t overshadow what is a blockbuster release from Bandai so if you’re keen on Showa Riders but don’t know where to start..get Ichigo then get Super-1, you can’t really go wrong with both! =3 Bandai seems to be paying more attention to Showa riders and as their fan, it’s really good news!


Check out my wasp inspired helmet!









11 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Super-1

  1. Haha I see you’ve finally reviewed it!

    I found as much trouble swapping those hands and you’re the first reviewer to mention how hard it is. I took to bending the arms rather than straight tugging them off, meaning pull the intended hand downward towards a 90 degree angle till it pulls off. It was heartbreaking, but after that hand swapping has been a bit easier.

  2. Man, kinda regret for not taking PO of Super-1, I got no choice to skip him because I already got a lot of awaiting POs.. Anyway, Super-1 looked pretty hefty but I don’t like the positions of his antennas…

      • If they made it a little bit upright, I’d have been ordered this rather than my Kuroyukihime. However, when you mentioned about your hard time to deal the hand swap, I’m even more down on this. Because I might can’t afford to do the hand swap at all.

      • Figma Kuroyukihime? Or a figurine? Yeah the hand swap is kinda horrible..but still it’s a really handsome figure and one that all Super-1 fans should get =3

      • Figma Kuroyukihime. If you said it’s a pain then it’ll become more pain for me. Yeah, you’re right. He looks great & awesome. He’s also my favorite here.

    • Hmm I think Manda is really expensive..say 1500yen to 2000 depending on the item..need to spend more then a certain amount then you can ship.

      As for other online stores…Hobbysearch, Hobbylink Japan and Ami Ami probably costs 500yen SAL for a single normal SHF (Akiba Red size, not Red Hawk) and maybe 800-1000 for EMS. It’s from memory so it might not be that accurate…=x

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