Thoughts: With delayed releases comes a lack of updates =3

nendo spring clean

It’s been some time since I posted and that’s due to the fact that I have nothing new to review..(with the exception of some SHFs) with all my pre-orders being delayed and stuff..=3 Ah well just take it as a break and since the Chinese Lunar New Year is coming up..take it as an excuse to haul all my Nendoroid boxes out, and do some spring cleaning!

On a side note..these relatively non-toy days have gotten me rather bored so I went back to reading voraciously and listening to classic rock and anime soundtracks. This has really re-kindled my love for books and with the new anime season starting now, there will be lots of fun things to occupy myself with ! Not to mention my school started as well…=3

So when toys are not running about in your lives (I imagine all my Nendoroids breaking free of their shelves and go tumbling about with their big heads..=3) what do you guys do to pass the time?


20 thoughts on “Thoughts: With delayed releases comes a lack of updates =3

  1. Not sure which I’d like better–waiting for new figures to review or trying to catch up with the reviews as new figures keep piling up. I’m now at the latter, but hope to reach the former point someday, haha.

    Most of the time I’m either at work or is doing some activities with my figures if at home. Other than that, I spend my remaining free time watching anime or drawing. I’ve been thinking of picking up video making again soon after school starts for me in a few months time.

    • Hmm I like both actually! Hahah but the latter is financially draining…so gotta have a mix =3

      Ahaha I watch anime as well but part-time work is taking up a huge chunk of time..but video-making sounds interesting! As in filming?

      • More of gameplays, (anime) music videos and such. I would try doing some filming but my head’s either empty from ideas most of the time or that no one I know are interested in these kind of things, haha.

    • Hahha I counted them all and realized I only have like 1/6 of the total amount of YES I need to increase their numbers XD

      Need to find the space though….=3

      • That’s much XD
        good luck with that…i’m sure soon your collection will be bigger than this, specially now GSC become more active make many nendoroids 😀

        with all the boxes…i wonder you will need extra space or room to put all the boxes ^^

  2. I hate when these periods happen, they end up messing up my groove! I guess I just end up doing more of the rest of the things I do. I do have a huge backlog of games and anime to catch up on. Although, I should really take advantage of times like this to take pictures of figures I have boxed for ages since I bought them.

    • Ahaha you always have all sorts of cool surprises boxed up somewhere..they suddenly get reviewed or cameo in some shorts =3

      Ahaha my groove is pretty much evidenced by my lack of updates but hey stuff should be coming in soon =3

  3. Same here, I’m at a point where new figures won’t be coming in for a while. I’ve got a few that I still need to cover so I’ll probably be doing that to fill in for the gap. Usually I like to work on my anime backlog when I have some free time. Either that or do a little bit of gaming although I don’t game as much as I used to these days. Nice pile of nendo boxes by the way 🙂

    • Ahah GSC is taking it slow and for the whole of Jan, I only have Nendoroid Barkhorn coming in for me…didn’t get anything else =3

      Ahaha and you probably have a bigger pile of Nendoroids =3

  4. I think it’s a good thing. I get to enjoy the figures I barely have time to enjoy now. 🙂

    Btw you’ll be getting SHF Riderman, I presume? Hopefully ZX isn’t an exclusive, but fat hope :/

    • Ahaha and take them out for photoshoots if time permits!

      And yeap pre-ordered Riderman! Still missing out on X and hmm ZX eh…? I’m on the fence about that fella..=3

  5. I like the lull in between releases, it gave me a chance to patch-up the damage done (having three items arrived at the same time from different places can be, damaging).

    Also, I have a space to do some figure stories. =D

    • Love your figure stories! Ahahaha and I get the damage part..December was pretty intensive and a lull once in awhile lets you take a breather..too long and then you get lazy XD

  6. Games.. video games!! I am pretty much occupied with video games such as GW2, AC3, FarCry3 and other new games in PC when I’m not in the Gunpla mood.

    Other than that, I try to study Japanese, or sometimes watch some anime or some tv series or movies as well. 🙂

    Or some of the time, I just go out to my local hobby stores and gunpla stores to browse or buy some new stuff.. =3

    • Hahaha I’m really excited by the new MG Nu Ver Ka.! But time and other constraints aside..I’m just plain lazy to do up a kit =X

      Hahaha and games sounds like an awesome way to pass the time..I’m going back to play Atelier Totori and Gundam Extreme =3

  7. Woah! That’s a huge collection of nendoroids! and you have all the Touhou ones..!
    Been watching anime/movies/dramas whenever I have the time. I miss outdoor photography, wish I have some company to do it with on weekends.


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