Outdoor Photography: Bukit Batok Nature Park


It was some time since I did an outdoor shoot and with some spare time, I packed up 2 Nendoroids and headed over to the nearby park!

Menma is just chilling out…

_1300712 _1300716

Jeng! You can’t surprise a ghost!


Let’s be friends ne!


erm erm..IIII…gotgot got to ggggoogogo…

_1300733 _1300738

You’re SO staying here to play with me!


And the 2 became really good friends as time passed =3

_1300754 _1300762

Friends are pretty awesome! And it’s even better if they have similar hobbies with you eh!


12 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Bukit Batok Nature Park

    • Well it depends. If it’s on a spur of the moment thing I’m normally alone. I go on group outings when everyone is free and stuff. This sunday is gonna be a group shot XD


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