News: GSC has all sorts of yummy goodies!

There are all sorts of wonderful figures out there but once in awhile, I come across something that just takes my breath away. When Shuutarou-san previewed Karen on Mikatan..I was pretty much blown away. That is something amazing!

The angle is kinda different but pretty much everything else is replicated faithfully! Picture from Nipponya San. =3

Karen has her usual super confident look on and it really reflects her character! And check out all the creases and folds in her

Even though it’s kinda baggy, the silhouette is defined and kinda sexy =3

The bull-dozer or road roller also looks bloody fantastic! I don’t really know what else you can do with this…maybe picture it running over your figures..? But heck it’s an impressive base!

You can set it against a wall to save some if you sorta do a picture behind of the rest of the will look so kick-ass!

Despite my obvious love for this figure…I truly lack the space and finances to get this baby so I will only appreciate it from afar..(since I’m saving for Tsukihi’s release) =3

GSC is really going for it with these Monogatari figures eh!

For more pictures and information, head over here!

Nutty had to turn it up 1 more notch and preview Fujiwara no Mokou! I am already hurting that I lost out on Alice’s pre-order and bam another Touhou Nendoroid! =O

I adore ribbons on my Nendoroids and Moko-chan has loads of them! Ahaha and her phoenix wings look kinda funky! And I guess it’s similar to Homu-homu’s wings.

Even more effect parts to showcase her prowess with fire magic! An immortal fire-mage, that would be Moko-tan! =3

I guess like all the Touhou folks ahead of her, she would only be available via the GSC online shop and seriously can somebody open a group order for her in Singapore..? Damn I must really suck to not be able to find those group orders….=(

Check out more of Moko-chan over hereeee~

Ah well folks, thanks for reading and seeya around!


8 thoughts on “News: GSC has all sorts of yummy goodies!

  1. That steamroller is crazy! Probably made Karen a lot more expensive but it’s a nice figure none the less. I’m really looking forward to nendoroid Moko-tan, definitely pre-ordering her.

      • Looks like the GSC Online shop is the only place to get her at the moment… Trying to see if she will go up on any other sites but no info on that so far. I’ll probably just end up pre-ordering her on GSC shop.

      • I will probably go through a local online might be costly but it will still be cheaper than me bearing the costs all by myself…=3


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