Review: Nendoroid Gertrude Barkhorn


With a new year comes new releases and after a 2 month delay, Flight Lieutenant Barkhorn swoops in to kickstart a blazing new year! Barkhorn or Trude is from the series Strike Witches and she is pretty awesome if you’ve seen her in action! With her discipline of steel and commitment to battle, she is one of my favourites from the squadron. So with the Nendoroid in my hands, let’s lauch!

_1300808 _1300810

A simple box with the Kaarsland (Germany) logo on the right.


Similar to Lucchini, Barkhorn gets a unique 501st Joint Fighter Wing base =3_1300815_1300818

Trude is not the most emotional person and GSC debuted her with this really bored expression. Well either bored or stoned but whatever it is, it’s kinda meh..





_1300820 _1300822

Trude has a really simple Witches don’t wear pants so it would be criminal if GSC messed their uniform up..which they didn’t!


Little gold buttons with their rank insignia..everything is where they should be and it’s plain and simple.


Trude practising her marching..

_1300828 _1300830

The 2nd face that you can switch into would be this stern disapproving look. To complement the whole expression, you get arms which are folded backwards at ease and it’s really military..=3 However I’m still not sold on the expressions Barkhorn comes with..probably with Hartmann coming next month this face-plate will see more usage?


Quite a fair bit of stuff was packed together with Trude and you can either switch her into Witch mode or just normal Barkhorn depending on your mood =3

_1300836 _1300838

With the striker unit on, time to take flight! Just switch out the fringe part and add in a dog tail and you’re good to go! On a side note, the tail falls off rather easily so be careful when you’re moving her about.


Her Striker Unit is a Messercharf..something depending on the anime season and it’s pretty well done! You can see the Kaarsland X and the propellers can spin. Still I want a stationary propeller and one that looks like it’s spinning! Replacable ones would really kick this up a notch =D


An alternative piece for her stand is also included so Barkhorn can fly forward sometimes. Still I find the stand too obvious and pretty chunky so the uses would be limited for me.

_1300845 _1300849

THIS is the reason why I got Trude! Double machine guns and the grimace! The whole Nendoroid just looks super awesome now!


guns blazing away~



Trude’s ability is something like increased strength and endurance and that allows her to carry more weapons, ammunitions and lift heavy steel chains and doors. A favoured tactic would be to hold her guns and bash the heck outta em baddies. =3



Even though the hands gripping on the guns has a peg moulded on to it, the guns don’t really stay and fall off way too easily..doh!



Gertrude Barkhorn is really a mixed bag… The 2 other expressions just don’t do it for me and only with the angry face-plate armed with those guns convinced me that it was an awesome buy. I personally like the character and the Nendoroid conveyed it pretty neatly but the fact that I will mostly, if not always use the angry face with those guns shows the limitations of this release. I didn’t enjoy some parts of this Nendoroid..but the one part which I did have fun, it was glorious! I don’t regret getting Barkhorn but was kinda hoping for more..still it might all change with the addition of the upcoming Hartmann…=3


Your doom is at hand…


5 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Gertrude Barkhorn

  1. There goes all the figure companies in their Strike Witches blitzkrieg attack! Anyhow, nothings fits Trude more than an angry face and twin MG42s 😀 Yes, even in nendo form

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