Review: S.H.Figuarts Red Hawk


Here comes my terribly procrastinated review of Red Hawk…Red Hawk is Ryu Tendo..a human being endowed with Birdonic waves which gives him enhanced strength, agility…etc and allows him to transform into a Jetman! Which is a landmark Sentai Series by the way…=3 Enough background story I let’s spread our wings and take flight!

_1290297 _1290299

Red Hawk comes in a thicker box as it had to contain the wing thingy for the Akibarangers..=3

_1290310 _1290312

When you take Red Hawk or Ryu (gonna stick with Ryu for this’s shorter to type) out of the box, the whole sleekness and colour just pops at you. At first’s very very promising!


The joints are all really well-hidden and the matt body contrasts so perfectly with the glossy helmet.


Jetman sports one of my favourite Sentai design and check out how crisp his chest emblem looks! It’s made out of rubber and doesn’t hamper with his articulation in any meaninful way =3


Other than the Jet Winger (is that the name for those wings..?) Ryu gets a sizeable amount of accesories. Other than his spread wings..his arsenal is really well represented. The only weapon missing would be the beak smasher but no biggie here

_1290290 _1290295

Those holsters attaches on his hips and as all holsters are prone to do..they fall off rather easily and also hamper it’s articulation…so off they go for the rest of the review!

_1290286 _1290288

You get 2 bird blaster without the bringer sword plugged in..and one with it inserted. So technically you can make Ryu double-wield!


pew pew~


The winged gauntlet is my favourite Jetman weapon and it’s looks pretty good scaled down as well.


You can either make the gauntlet open or closed..depending on those tiny wings you choose to insert but either kicks ass!

_1290257 _1290255

However the Jetmen were made to fly! So off he goes! Ryu really looks spectacular with those wings spread out..however the wings are a solid piece so if he were to raise his arms any lower/ can see the gaps..=3


Just remove the back piece and switch those wings in! Time for more action shots!

_1290262 _1290265 _1290270

Everything looks better when you’re flying..=3


Of course not forgetting the jet winger! It attaches really solidly to any of the Akibarangers…and now they can fly too!


The paintwork is pretty solid and although it’s too colorful for my’s nice to see all the Jetman colours represented in this.




A fellow flier…?


no no no…you have to punch like this! like THIS!!



It might not be apparent enough in the earlier paragraphs but I LOVE this release. The paintwork, colour, articulation and proportions are top-notch, the accessories are plenty and it all adds together to become a blockbuster release! The only complaint I have would be those holsters but it’s something I’m willing to work around so if you like SHFs or Super-Sentai…there is absolutely no reason to skip this guy! Red Hawk is epic and it does justice to the awesome series he hails stay tuned for Gai’s turn in the spotlight!


waiting for the rest of the gang…





10 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Red Hawk

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  2. Damn! Whenever I saw Sentai they always made me eager to get my own future SHF Zyuranger… So that jet winger was for Akiba Red, eh? But, can we also use those on Red Hawk himself?


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