Review: Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji and Koubu


Sakura is from the series Sakura Wars and enlisted in the flower division, she wields her blade for justice! This is yet another Nendoroid which I have barely any knowledge of but since she is so awesome..I HAD to get her =3

_1300867 _1300869

I managed to snap her up for just $50SGD or around 3300 Yen from China Square Central..due to the box being dented but hey, as long as the Nendo’s fine..I’m cool with smashed boxes =3

_1300871 _1300874

Simple design, bright colours for Sakura. I really like the hair and ribbon sculpt and I think that’s the best part of Sakura.

_1300876 _1300878

Her hair can’t go directly behind her head as the stand kinda blocks it.. =3 The two strands of hair by the side of her head is kinda obstructive as well…

_1300880 _1300883

Another nice detail is how rustled her skirt..or Kimono (maybe?) some motion to the Nendo. Her sleeves also has some flower motifs but overall, just a really clean and simple look.

_1300886 _1300888

Her long ponytail is pretty impressive and when put to the side..looks like it’s being blown by the wind.


Sakura comes with minimal accessories…MINIMAL. I guess since GSC put in Koubu they thought it was enough..? Even so, Nendoroid Millifi came with so much more..=(

_1300893 _1300895

Koubu is pretty impressive by itself though..stellar paint applications complemented by a matt pink’s really kinda funky. The eyes are moveable and the limbs are attached via Nendoroid joints which allowed it more articulation than expected.

_1300897 _1300899

The gold used isn’t as shiny as the promo pictures..being more like bronze here but hey I can live with that…I still have no idea what is Koubu is..I suppose it’s something like a Knightmare or Zaku that people use to fight with?

_1300901 _1300905

It can be supported via the Nendoriod base and it’s mobile enough to even do a running pose =3


Sakura’s katana fits in his hands and a gripe I have with Koubu would be his lack of different hands…it would be beyond cool if he had a pointing finger or a proper closed fist..hmm


Just prise off the top of his head and you get the cockpit!


The only other alternate hand would be this scabbard carrying one. Despite being the sole interchangeable limb, it looks super cool and does it’s job well =D Cheers to that!

_1300916 _1300920

With the 2 of them’s like you’re getting 2 Nendoroids for the price of 1!

_1300922 _1300925

I tried to do some action poses but my imagination kinda failed me..doh!



_1300929 _1300932

Sakura riding on Koubu!



What you see is pretty much what you get with this release. The accessories are almost non-existent and that really limits the playability.Other than docking Sakura on Koubu or making the 2 of them run about..there’s really nothing else worth doing and if that bothers should really skip this. On a positive note, both of them looks really good and when displayed, it’s bound to catch some attention from curious friends. Koubu is pretty playable (no swappable hands!) and Sakura is wearing a traditional Japanese costume (pretty rare) so if that tickles your fancy..then go ahead! The set might be kinda pricey though..due to it’s size and weight..ah well cheerios folks!


go go go!


17 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji and Koubu

  1. They’re super adorable. I’ve always liked Sakura’s design and am kind of bummed she doesn’t have more figures. It’s a pity her accessories are so limited. But hey…Koubu’s pretty swag. Not often you get big pink robots with your Nendoroids.

    • Hahaha yeah Sakura has a really appealing design and Koubu’s awesome as well! What would make it even better would be more stuff but hey, for what it’s worth it’s kinda kick-ass already. =3

  2. I Love Sakura Wars, and added this Nendo to my collection. She is on my desk fighting Nendoroid Saber. I agree with S.K., what makes this figure for me is Koubu being included.

  3. Now, if you put a nendo Reimu and Sakura side-by-side… yes… it IS uncanny.

    The koubu unit (if my memory serves me right, long time since I’ve watch Sakura Wars) is more like a steam-powered (yes, steam-powered) battle armour that was “linked” to the user’s will/inner-strength.

    Just got to love them outdoor shots.

  4. She is adorable, although I dont know her she looks nice, I love the fact that she comes with her machine which is cool. I heared their are other main characters like Sumire, Erica or Maria which folks are looking forward to, if Sakura sells well that GSC will do the other Sakura Wars girls.

    Beautiful outdoor shot, especially the first one!

  5. This is one nendo, or character rather, that I really wish I had knowledge of. Alas, the games she appears on were never released in English. May be there is a translation patch for a ROM or something.

    I like this nendo, I specially love how her steam mecha is included and more amusing to me how she is able to ride it as well.

    • Ahaha it’s unique..not many Nendoroids come with something so I got got her for a steal! Wahahaha

      And same here…one of the few Nendos I know nothing it just because she was awesome =3

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