Review: S.H.Figuarts Black Condor


The most awesome Sentai character has landed. Gai Yuuki (Black Condor) from Jetman is seriously cool with his ‘my way or the highway’ attitude and not forgetting his controversial *spoilers* demise. Despite him sharing the same sculpt and mould as Red Hawk, I felt suckered enough after finishing the series that I got him off Ebay..seriously how can you say No to Black Condor? =3

_1300350 _1300352

He comes in a thinner box as it doesn’t include the Jet Winger which came with Red Hawk.

_1300354 _1300356

Looking good here! Love the matt black and the yellow =D

_1300358 _1300360

I didn’t crop the images properly so pardon the strange height difference. Anyhoos, anything I said about Red Hawk applies here as well..all in all an amazing SHF.


Exactly same accessories…except it’s all in black.

_1300372’s where it gets whiny. The Wing Gauntlet has a black piece near the end for Black Condor but Bandai decided to be cheap and gave us a red piece as well. So both Red Hawk and Black Condor has red pieces for their wing gauntlet…It wouldn’t piss me off so much if the wing gauntlet wasn’t my favourite weapon…but IT IS!

wing gauntlet

The show obviously shows that all the Jetman has colour co-ordinated Wing Gauntlets so would Bandai die if they gave us a black piece instead of red? Being rather anal, I went to spray my piece black to complement the whole weapon. Dang…

_1300374 _1300376

Ok rant over. The holsters stay on Gai much better than Ryu so I left them on for the whole shoot. Score for Gai!

_1300378 _1300381

Bird Bomber!


The wings attach the same way and it looks pretty awesome =D

_1300386 _1300388 _1300390

With my wing gauntlet proper, I feel better =3


That awesome scene for the Gokaigers…cross changer!


If you had Red Hawk or read my review of’s the same awesomeness for Black Condor. His holsters are tighter than Red’s so it’s a plus but it might just be me getting a good batch. Black Condor is an exclusive soo you might need to fork out some dough but since the US got it for almost retail might find some good deals if you hunt on Ebay. I don’t regret getting him one bit and am eagerly awaiting the rest…especially White Swan and Blue Swallow..we need more female Sentais!


Jetto, Jetto, Jettoman!

If you wanna check out those outdoor pics I took with the 2 of them, head over here!




9 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Black Condor

  1. First figuart I ever owned. Hearing about Gai on the wikia and forums made me watch jetman and I just had to have him!! Now I also own Red Hawk… can’t wait for the rest of the team, but looks like they’re making Yellow Owl the same build as hawk/condor…not unexpected, just disappointed! We need a little husk in our figuarts!!

    That said, the wing gauntlet thing pisse dme off too. I have yet to color mine black, but…will you be trying to detail the little number section too? Each Wing Gauntlet had a roman numeral number with the background the smae color as the jetman on it (there’s a red ‘I” on Red hawk’s and a black ‘II’ on Black Condor’s…)…so if you’re going to go do those too, I’d love to hearhow you got the small detail done =D

    • I noticed the numeral thing about the Gauntlet as well but I’ll prolly skip on modding that…it sucks but at least it isn’t as blatant as the red piece. And nothing new there from Bandai..just take it that Raita had a new gym membership?


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