News: Wonfes 2013 (Winter) Nendoroid line-up

I’ve read through Nendonesia’s post on all these upcoming Nendoroids and boy…my wallet cried again..All pictures and information are from this post!

There are like over 40+ Nendoroids previewed during this Wonfes and if you’re interested in the whole lot of them, head over and check out those pics for yourselves! This post is only gonna highlight the stuff that I’m interested in..which is thankfully little XD

A Sheryl Nome Nendo!!!! Why not? And she’s known to be spectacular so I really hope it reflects when the colours come on XD

And with Sheryl you gotta have Ranka! I honestly thought Bandai would do their chibi-arts much earlier than GSC would ever get to do their Nendoroids….but hey, gotta count my blessings!

And Kobato from Haganai! I don’t know why..but I just don’t feel Kobato-chan from this rendition..but still she might be awesome with other accessories so I will keep my eyes peeled. And the outfit totally reminds me of Kuroneko. =3

Whilst Maria reminds me of Zange! She is looking mighty adorable here, making me sad that I don’t have Yozora..=(

Is this a new sculpt or the long-awaited re-released? Ah whatever, I’m getting him anyways..then hanging him somewhere. XD

Maou really looks like Maou (duh! to me) but I’m not a fan of how she looks so easy pass..still nice that GSC is trying to keep up to date =3

With’s probably a long and expensive road to Monogatari Jigoku..or 地獄物語? Do I see myself pre-ordering Senjougahara…YES! Do I see myself pre-ordering the rest of the Monogatari gang…YES! Oh I’m so screwed…

I’m sure this will please a hell lot of people! I never watched Railgun but from the amount of discussion I hear from the amount of cosplays I see..yeap it seems to be a pretty big deal. =3

This Alucard is a Petite..but it will be so spectacular if it were a full-sized Nendoroid!

Right not Kotoura looks a lil bit meh~ But you never know what else GSC are hiding up their sleeves..

And Ta Da! Yet another Touhou Nendoroid…and just when I almost finished the set..ahahaha but it’s Aya, so I’m really happy! Now where’s me Patchouli =X

I didn’t preorder Rin and now Ren is out…good thing I skipped out..if not my wallet’s gonna be even sadder =3

I don’t know who she is but I like that hair!

Especially since her petite looks so good!

Hmm…something to consider..? Especially if the paintwork on her brass bits looks really awesome =3

And effect parts set? Really? I don’t know if Nendoroids really need them but if it’s affordable..why not? It’s just the direction they are going in kinda feels Banda-ish..and it’s not a wholly good thing.

Of course there are other stuff in Wonfes like Figurines and stuff…especially with Figma getting a whole lot of attention cause of their Marvel tie-ins but I’m really excited for Tsukihi from depends if I have the time to do a further WonFes post but as of the moment, this has gotta do. I only counted like 7 confirmed P.Os so it isn’t too bad..what are you guys poisoned by?





6 thoughts on “News: Wonfes 2013 (Winter) Nendoroid line-up

  1. My wallet is so relieved I’m only looking forward to Aegis, Senjougahara (only because this means Hachi and Kanbaru are next! haha) and that girl with the nice hair who I don’t know either! :)) However, my wants may increase depending on the paint job of the other characters. OTL


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