Review: Nendoroid Cirno


With some spare money, I decided to track down another Touhou Nendoroid thus Cirno is here to make my room cooler! No need for air-con when you’ve got a Snow Fairy around =3! Well let’s take a look at this mischievous imp and what she brings to the table eh!

_1300994 _1300996

It’s unusual that a Nendoroid comes packed in an action pose..normally they’re just like standing there..


Cirno’s unique base! It can either be a 9 or 6 depending on how you look at it..=3

_1310001 _1310002

Right outta the box, you gotta love Cirno! Check out that naughty grin..with that supremely confident pose..The blue is pretty sweet..different shades of it across the Nendo nicely set-off with a red ribbon. The giant blue ribbon at the back of her head can’t move, so don’t bother shifting it unless you wanna snap it off.

_1310005 _1310008

Cirno’s costume is really simple, her real worth lies in her expressions instead!


Other than the mischievous look,  you get an angry and a crying one! Covers a large range of situations and expressions which is really useful. Plus you get another set of bloomers so she can spread her legs be even more haughty than usual!

_1310018 _1310020

Her wings are mainly clear plastic with a tinge of blue at the’s really pretty and attached no issue there. I’ve also switched the hip so now she is standing with much more authority!

_1310022 _1310025 _1310027

The angry expression is pretty cool especially if you pair it with her ice lance. Time for some painful freezing action?


However as I’ve mentioned before, Cirno’s true worth lies in those time to get some other Nendos into the mix to test that out!


Epic battles are doable with the angry face..


Check out her tricks on other Nendos!

_1310045 _1310047

Oh in case you were wondering what’s inside…it’s a frozen frog!

_1310051 _1310053 _1310055

And that crying face is sooo exploitable..=X


wonder what the 2 of them are planning now…


Before I hunted this fairy down..she wasn’t one of the most sought-after Nendos on my list. However now that I’ve got her..I’m really really surprised and pleased that she’s so playable. Her range of expressions are really good and even though her outfit is simple..the wings and extra accessories give life to this Nendoroid. Yeah she’s an exclusive and all but be patient and she will pop out with a decent price..=3 I don’t regret getting her one bit and if anything, am actually asking myself what took me so long to take the plunge..ah well..


No winter background but there’s snow anyways!


10 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Cirno

    • As of the moment I have her with the crying face on…and put her beside Alice and hopefully that keeps her down…

      Still I expect to wake up with my room in shambles once day…frozen and shocked =3…

  1. Every time I see Touhou nendoroids, it always made me regret why I didn’t follow my heart long ago. Gotta love that Cirno and her confident pose and grin!
    Good job on the props using cotton! 😀

    • ahaha I wanted to use fake snow but I couldn’t find those spray can thingies..cotton wool is the closest I could find! And it’s never too late to start..? Touhou Nendoroids are always there..only problem are their prices =3

      • True. Tohou nendos are expensive! -_-
        You can also try to use crystal vases or anything crystal-like material to have that icy effect and play around with blue led light. I think it’s goin to look great with Cirno. 😀

  2. This nendo Cirno sure has a strong presence compared to other nendos! 😛

    I like it quite a bit, you get all the needed the Cirno range of expressions to act any situation she might be in, from her boasting to her eventual defeat. Too bad the grinning expression seems off too me, too much gums in my opinion.

    • Ahahah I guess you can’t have too much of a good thing? I love the range as well and for a simple design..she’s pretty overpowering…Made me wonder why it took me so long to get her, now she’s one of my favourite Touhou Nendos


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