Outdoor Photography: Nendoroid Yui, Super Sonico and Alice


It’s really been some time since I went for a full day outdoor shoot! Finally managed to grab my good friends John, Tendy and Panda out for some toy-snapping action!

_1310598 _1310600 _1310635 _1310639 _1310654 _1310660 _1310676 _1310688 _1310717 _1310731

This time round was kinda meh for me. I didn’t have much inspiration and I’m sure the shots kinda reflected that…still I’m ok with some of them..but a WHOLE full day and only 11 photos left..? Not that awesome I suppose. Ah well…


8 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: Nendoroid Yui, Super Sonico and Alice

  1. Oh god it’s been ages since I been outside to take pictures. Mostly though because it got cold, I should take advantage of the upcoming Spring before things get too hot.

    I like the pictures, I find the Sonico one in the street(?) to be my favorite of the bunch.

    • Ahaha I put her in between 2 parked cars..and whenever a vehicle zooms past I envision my Sonico being road kill..=3
      But it made for a pretty neat picture!

  2. Was able to experience outdoor photography during my pilgrimage to Japan. I have to say, it’s quite liberating (putting aside the obvious stares of random people) Got to love the Sonico photos, so adorable. And that, is that Sena’s face on Alice’s body? Cosplay?

    • Ahaha sharp eye you have there! Since Alice doesn’t have an irritated expression, I borrowed it from Sena.

      And oh yeah..welcome back! Do lots of people do outdoor shoots in Japan? Didn’t look around too much when I was there =3


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