Review: Nendoroid Erica Hartmann


Poor Hartmann has been delayed for like 2 months and my initial enthusiasm has withered to a pile of dry leaves waiting for her. Now that I finally have her, my favourite German lass has stoked those leaves into a bonfire! Let’s take off and check out ace pilot Hartmann!


Hartmann hails from the Strike Witches where girls strap on planes to their legs and fly about without pants. Pretty sweet premise I believe.


As with all the other witches, Hartmann also comes with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing base.

_1310826 _1310828

Hartmann has a a really plain look..nothing much to mess up here. And similarly to Barkhorn..the default smiling face is kinda meh~

_1310830 _1310832

Erica Hartmann is based off real WW2 Ace Erich Hartmann with the highest score historically in aerial warfare! Go girl!


Her Kaarsland or Luftwaffe logo is pretty tiny..but no paint bleed! And the jacket has a nice sculpt going on


Pretty standard Witches accessories..if you ever owned one it shouldn’t be too foreign.

_1310838 _1310841

BUT Hartmann comes with her beret! And it’s super super cute when you put it on her! Switch in the winking face and ta-da! You get Hartmann from the anime =D



Hartmann: Hehehehe


With her striker units on, Hartmann gets her animal ears but in her case, only the tips of her hair are animal ears here.


Depressingly my fringe came with some scratches and it’s pretty bad if you look closely. Ah but since the beret covers most of that area, it’s still salvageable.

_1310853 _1310850

You also have an alternate piece that supports her flying forward which you really need for a dashing pose. Hartmann’s fringe is also sculpted swaying towards the left which leaves a strange gap on the side. Not a major biggie unless viewed straight on.


Kaarsland Warriors!


I really dig Hartmann’s angry expression and guess also get..

_1310860 _1310863

her Strum effect parts! Hartmann sorta spins and creates a human drill in which she bashes through things. Pretty neat with it covering a pretty wide area across Hartmann’s body.


Love that Strum effect!


Hartmann is by far my favourite Strike Witch so of course I’m gonna give her a positive review =3 Ah not really…similar to Barkhorn, that default expression just doesn’t do it for me and if you never use her Striker Units…Hartmann is really really plain and boring. However once you switch in those different faces and the little planes, it’s a whole new experience and Hartmann looks really good in all sorts of poses. The cherry here would probably be the Strum effect and if you don’t like guns, go with that instead! Hartmann isn’t the main character of the show so if you’re a random passerby, she probably wouldn’t appeal. However since you’re reading this, you probably have some knowledge of Strike Witches so what the hey, grab her!



6 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Erica Hartmann

  1. It must be nice to take her photos with that angst face, badas$ girl-ready for battle pose in a clear blue sky. Whew! I wish to have all the money in the world and complete this Strike Witches nendoroid set. 😀

    • Ahahah not to mention space! But I’m gonna stop at the Kaarsland chicks..if I’m gonna get the whole lot of them it’s gonna be too much for me XD


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