Review: 1/8 Momohime (Alter)


This pretty princess has been on my WANTS list for the longest time and when Alter announced a re-release..I’m so gonna jump on that pre-order =D Well time passed and with a humongous delay in between, I finally got my paws on this peach girl so let’s check the review (if you haven’t already seen one is that possible? =3)

_1310877 _1310879

Momo-chan is a playable character from the Nintendo Wii game Oboromuramasa but since I don’t have a Wii, I didn’t swing katanas with her. Still I love her design, and pretty much everything else about her =3


Out of the box Momohime looks weird wtithout her katana so let’s put that in!

_1310909 _1310907

Her Katana has some pretty sweet detail and it gets better the closer you get to it. The hilt is especially awesome but it’s hard to capture in photos so yeah..go look at it for yourself sometime =3


The only accessories Momohime comes with would be an extra hand and sleeve..which you can use for different stances with the katana.

_1310881 _1310883

Anyhoos, with her katana in Momohime looks so much meaner. I love that dynamic pose and it’s fluid rushing movement.


Look at how gracefully she’s stepping across the rocks! And the awesome thing about it is how little space the whole base takes up! Yay to cluttered collectors like me! Although the katana does eat up quite alot of top shelf =/

_1310889 _1310891 _1310893

The critical point of any figurine would be their face and I cannot love Momo’s enough. It’s just 1 expression but you get a different feeling viewing it from several angles so kudos to that! I never really had any figure giving this range since my Koto Wondie. You get an emotionless face straight on, a condescending one fom the top and a serene expression from the sides! Spectacular!


Momo has sorta of a shrubbery super-saiyan look going on there with her hair =3

_1310897 _1310900 _1310905

The folds in the fabric are really nice as well and together with her armor plating, brings a really sweet contrast to the whole figure.

_1310911 _1310913

But the main highlight for me would be those legs =3 Ahaha lithe springy thighs hopping across rocks! Initially I believed that I would be in love with her costume but those legs just kept coming it’s so yummm~

_1310915 _1310917

The sandals are also really detailed and even though the base is small, it’s really nice with the flowing river.


Several angles from here on out

_1310926 _1310932

Check out the subtle changes in expression! Looks like Momo’s gonna cut you down!

_1310934 _1310938

By switching the alternate sleeve, you get her wielding the katana ready to mow you down. For some reason this doesn’t really appeal to me but hey, at least there’s an option! Oh yeah because of the swappable sleeves, there’s a seamline across the front arm but it honestly isn’t as bad as I expected.



I love Momohime and she is probably the prettiest figure I have in my collection (debatable of course) so duh I would highly recommend this release. However Alter stuff always appreciates in value especially for popular figures so if you didn’t preorder her, it might be tough to get her at an acceptable price now..=/ Anyways the painting is top notch, the pose is awesome and the fact that it doesn’t take up a tremendous chunk of space are all major pluses in my book. Get her if you can, the peach princess is gonna make your life so peachy~


10 thoughts on “Review: 1/8 Momohime (Alter)

  1. Yup, yup, want her even more now. She has been on my want list for a long time, but now that there is more too her (sword in or out), she has been moved to my must have list. Great pics by the way.

    • Thanks for the read and comment! And get her now while she’s hot, since she got re-released and stuff..before Momohime disappears into the shadows again..=/

  2. Momohime!

    I was super happy to get original, if I hadn’t I would have regretted it for years, or at least until the re-release. This figure is gorgeous, there is just no two ways about it.

    • I was kinda late into figure collecting and I missed that original one..glad Alter decided to re-release! And well since everyone loves’s easy to see why her prices skyrockets =D


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