Review: Nendoroid Touwa Erio


For some reason, my usual store didn’t offer the preorder for this lovely lass and before I knew it, she was released. Due to the high levels of futon loving folks, I was unable to grab this delusional chick for a decent price until recently, where someone decided to sell theirs so here’s the overlong review…of the girl who believed she was an alien! U.F.O launching~

_1320231 _1320233

Erio comes bundled in the larger Nendoroid box, probably due to that futon.

_1320312 _1320314

I really love the hair sculpt GSC went with Erio. Very flowy and messy~ There’s this strand of hair coming across her shoulders but it’s pretty bendy and keeps out of the way so no posing nightmare there. Other than that, there are some pretty obvious seamlines at the back of her head but since it’s at the back….well it isn’t too bad~

_1320316 _1320318

Erio connects via a magnet and that thing is pretty strong and idiot proof.


Erio isn’t the most well groomed character and it shows. An exposed sexy shoulder and crumpled sleeves adds to the whole outta bed look.


For some reason this neutral expression is really alluring..I never really thought I would say this..but this Nendoroid manages to be both sexy and cute..A Nendo sexy..? =/ Buriki’s artworks coming through I suppose?


Accessories wise, it’s all futon related somehow with a UFO lantern/stick thing thrown in for good measure.

_1320329 _1320331

This piece is really chunky and possesses some heft to it. It’s pretty well done as well with the string cutting into the futon.


Then you get the UFO lantern thing…That’s a pretty good accessory to go with in case you’re suffering from futon fatigue..

_1320337 _1320339

But if you’re not, you get even more choices! Here you have one with Erio’s head peeking out with her body in bondage~


The final expression is a licking one and maybe it’s because I’m warped but it’s just odd seeing it on a Nendo =3 Anyhoos the tongue comes out so it really feels like Erio’s gonna lick you like a kitten.


Remember the sexy Nendo vibe..well here is more of that!


In case it didn’t hit you, you can actually have 2 Erios running about! So essentially you’re getting 2 Nendoroids for the price of one?


What do school skipping girls do? Become an Alien investigator of course!


I really really like this release. I mean there’s a whole girl trussed up inside a futon..who can possibly hate on something like that? My emotions aside..this is a really fun Nendo as you do get 2 figures (in a way) in a single package and it’s gonna look so good on display. Her emotions though lacking in range is pretty appropriate for Erio and the accessories serves to supplement her character. A major drawback I encountered while messing about this Nendo is that she has NO extra right arm part. Since her shoulder is exposed, you can’t switch in any left arms so you’re stuck with a straight right arm all the time. The other arms are pretty limited in usage as well so if you are looking at more than the box poses, it might be a tad inconvenient. That being said I still love Erio and if you’ve watched the Anime, it’s uncanny how the Nendo captures her so perfectly XD


cousin..bring me to the moon?




20 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Touwa Erio

      • Yeah man, I got her at normal preorder price so it wasn’t too bad..considering that the futon is really heavy and would cost you in shipping =(

  1. Love the first picture. Congrats on getting her. Erio looks really charming and sexy. I didn’t get a nendoroid but managed to get a nendo petite of her. Hehe. =)

  2. I personally like her expression, it’s unique and kinda enticing, she’s like inviting you to do something with her.. maybe inside her futon.. haha! XD and the futon is funny when she’s inside it but adorable too.

    She’s a sexy nendo, the licking expression is also interesting.. 😀

  3. Perhaps one of the prettiest Nendoroid so far I think… Because her face aren’t like other Nendoroid which is bright & childies looking, but she looks elegant & so feminine I think…

    Whoa… I thought we actually have to insert her head down to those futon… But, there’s another Erio tied by the futon itself.

    • Buriki’s artwork really translated into the Nendo here, which is great considering how nice his art is =D

      And GSC was pretty generous with the chunks of futon are seperate pieces which is always can exchange those parts with other Nendoroids too =3

  4. she’s so cute!!!
    my mom got her for me on christmas,she thought erio was miku…lol

    I really love your reviews!!!! >u<
    P.S. sorry for bad english…


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