Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Jack


One of my favourite Ultra Brothers, I really dig those extra lines on his suit and his funky bracelet. And I remember the loss when Jack was overpowered at sunset and defeated by Knuckle Seijin and Black King only to come back next episode to triumph against those 2. Now the Ultra Act is in my hands and without knowing it, I had a heck load of pictures of this awesome Ultra! 帰ってきたウルトラマン!

_1310978 _1310981

If anything, Bandai really excelled in the Ultra Brother’s packaging. It looks super classy with Jack having 2 plastic tiers of accessories..great stuff there~

_1310983 _1310985

Out of the box you can see the muscular and heroic sculpt Bandai chose to go with him. And that silver is really sparkling!

_1310987 _1310989

From the sides you can better appreciate the musculature with the solid thighs and chest.

_1310991 _1310993

I got no issues with the lines and if anything, they look really neat and spiffy! However there were some paint scuffs across my Jack and even though it isn’t that obvious, the QC negligence just made me sad.

_1310995 _1310997

Areas like the head fin and thighs had some bad scuffs on the silver paint but overall I guess I got a pretty nice Jack…since I heard horror stories of others getting terrible looking ones =/


Before I go any further, I would just like to highlight the biggest issue I personally had with Jack. His entire hip piece is much larger than Hayata and Ace and as a result, when he bends those thighs, a ridiculously large cut appears. Jack looks like he dislocated his legs with such a bad transition and yes with a little angling and shifting you can sort of cover that..but why was it so bad in the first place?


Yeap it can be adjusted to be less awkward! But the first time I saw that joint I was in shock and thought I got myself a defect..only to reconfirm that all Jacks were like this =3




Other than the negative hip cut, there is really nothing bad about least in my opinion =3 He comes with a slew of accessories and it really brings up his playability!


The Ultra Bracelet comes in a seperate piece and you can easily swap both wrists. Just need to remove the peg for the hands and plug the desired piece in. The hand peg is pretty small so don’t lose that! Also for some reason the peg holding the left hands is super loose which does help in exchanging the bracelets…but not loose enough to have lost hands I hope.


Looking really cool with that bracelet!


A comparison with this fellow Ultra Brother! Hayata is leaner as they utilise different body moulds but the height difference isn’t all that bad I suppose..=/


And since they are from the same line, Jack can also borrow Hayata’s effect parts without any issues!

_1320084 _1320085

Not to mention mounting the Ultra Mantle!

_1320021 _1320023

Alright then, here comes the slew of pictures!

_1320025 _1320027

_1320031 _1320033

Despite it’s unassuming appearance, the Ultra Bracelet can transform into many strong weapons in a flash! Here Jack holds Ultra Lance! ( I didn’t use the Ultra Cross in this’s like the Lance..except with a Cross at the top. It’s used to combat unholy monsters like the Bat Seijin and Vampiric aliens and stuff..)

_1320038 _1320041


But Kumo Otoko has the reflexes of a Spider! Thus the Lance barely grazes him!

_1320045 _1320047

With renewed vigour the monster strikes out at our Hero!

_1320049 _1320051

No fear, Jack has more tricks up his sleeves! Enter the Ultra Defender!

_1320055 _1320057

Not only is it perfect of fending off dangerous blows, it can also be used to bash foes’ faces in!

_1320059 _1320061

And now while Kumo Otoko is dazed, Jack whips out another weapon! The Ultra Spark!


It might not look like much, but the Ultra Spark emits a devastating beam arc that cuts down unruly monsters! Go Jack!


Witness the power of the Ultra Spark! (This effect part was borrowed from Ace)


Expending too much power depletes our Hero’s lifeforce and Jack’s chest timer turns red! Oh no, hurry up Ultraman Jack!


Sensing that the Ultra Spark weakened Kumo Otoko enough, Jack draws forth the last vestiges of his power…


And unleashes the ultimate attack! Specium beammmmmmm! (This beam effect is almost the same provided with Hayata renewal but since Jack’s like a remake of that..I can roll with it)


Boom goes the Alien!


Judging from the amount of photos taken, I had amazing fun with this release and I hoped you guys did as well from reading this review. The only negative thing about this figure is that hideous cut that appears when you bend his legs but once you get across that bridge, there is really nothing wrong wth this fella. The sculpt and paint job is pretty sweet even with some scuff marks and the accessory count is pretty generous making him a really complete release.  I understand that Jack might not be everyone’s cup of tea (since some people can’t even tell him and Hayata apart) but I assure you that if you do decide to pick him up, he’s gonna be a tremendous amount of fun in a neat package.


Just 1 more…and my Ultra Brothers will be complete!!


7 thoughts on “Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Jack

  1. That was really a fun review to read coupled with the pictures! I can tell you really had tons of fun with Jack!

    • Hahaha the mantle makes Jack really heavy but he really looks regal with it =3

      And the horrid parts suck..but not so much till I can’t fully enjoy the figure!

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