Review: Nendoroid Senomiya Akiho


Robotic Notes was something unexpected for I have never touched the game nor the novel so the plot development was pretty unexpected. Anyhoos here we have aspiring robo-builder Senomiya Akiho and she is following through on her sister’s dream of building a 1/1 Gunvarrel and even though she’s shrunk down to Nendoroid size, that’s not gonna stop her! Gaching~

_1310868 _1310870

The right picture says that with an application, you can change Aki’s look like what Kai did in the anime but I’ve yet to try that out.

_1320409 _1320411

Here you have the always cheery Aki-chan (almost) and GSC did a swell job translating her personality into a Nendo.


From the sides you can see just how wide the ponytail covers the back of the head. The ponytail is attached via a Nendoroid joint but since the piece is humongous, you don’t really see a difference swinging it sideways.


A nice touch here! Even though you would never see this bit (since it’s being covered by the ponytail), the Sculptor still went ahead and added in those braids! Sweet eh~


Not so sweet are the horrible paint bleeds on the pouch. It looks shoddy and feels like Aki went to play in mud and forgot to wash up. Argh. At least it’s on her back…


Her front is pretty sweet..nothing’s messed up and those lines are crisp!


Since that ponytail is massive, you can swing it around and have Aki have some funky hairstyle.

_1320429 _1320431

Tanegashima Machine 3 is included and this little fella can swivel his head, arms and legs about. Detail wise it’s really nice and I dig those bright metallic eyes.


Tanegashima Kick!


After discounting the lil’ robo, you aren’t left with much. Just different legs and hands. BUT with these variety of limbs, you can act out all kinds of poses!


You have the ‘Dash forward’ half kneel pose!


And a standard standing one when Tanegashima Machine 3 goes for his Hissatsu!


And I guess with a little bit of fiddling, Aki can also sit on him?


But THIS was the reason why I bought Aki. When she puts on those glasses..she morphes into the coolest person in existence.

_1320445“One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one’s youth”


“I’m going to teach you that a mobile suit has its limits my friend, when it goes up against the Red Comet

_1320449 _1320451

Included is the Tablet thingy that everybody doodles on (IRUO or something?) which pretty much acts like a smartphone. And this is the 2nd expression included, which is pretty nice as Aki can get pretty serious fixing stuff up sometimes.


The 3rd expression is a serene look which is kinda cute..I mean I already have a happy why do I need another?

_1320456 _1320458

I was kinda bummed out by this expression, not much mileage and overall kinda meh~
If GSC included this ga-ching~ expression, that would be perfect!!

Picture linked from Rotoscoping & Mango. =D

_1320461 _1320463

Aki trying her best to fix up the Gun-build 1 for her sister’s dream!


Strong like the tempest~ Or something like that..Gunvarrel! ga-ching~


I didn’t care much for Akiho in the anime and those feelings continued until I cracked open the box and messed around with her. Even excluding the robot, Akiho has a tremendous amount of playability (just switch those different hands and legs around) and the inclusion of those red frames just sealed the deal for me. Aki-chan suffers from the ‘yet another schoolgirl’ Nendoroid deal that plagues most releases so people are apt to pass her by. If you do skip out on this release, it’s no major biggie but for those who watched the anime and felt something for her struggle, this Nendoroid will endear you even more to her ideals~ Plus the Tanegashima Machine 3 is funky~


Robots will save the world!


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    • Hmm well it depends on what you’re looking for. This anime got pretty dark halfway through which kept me interested and stuff..give it a shot I would say~

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