Review: Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka (Madokami)


With GSC announcing their scaled figure rendition of Madokami, it was just a matter of time before the Figma and Nendoroid had their appearance. Being the pauper that I am, I opted for the Nendo version to save myself from financial ruin and now that she has ascended to Godhood, I finally have Madoka in her nifty box. Time to enter heaven!

_1320626 _1320629

The box is much bigger than I thought it would be. It’s much thicker than the normal Nendoroid release..heck even thicker than Millifi’s box..that’s gonna kill some people who are shipping it on their own =3


I plugged in her wings and as the picture above illustrates..everything connects to her head. The wings and stand all insert inside that flowing mane and despite initial misgivings, I grew to like the arrangement.

_1320633 _1320635

She is pretty huge for a Nendoroid..must be all that hair and those wings. And being huge means that Madokami’s heavy as well. The stand might not be screwed tight enough to support that weight so check yours out before Madoka face-palms.


You got to love how beautifully they did her hair. Together with the flow of her dress, it’s probably the closest Nendoroid to a scaled figure release?

_1320641 _1320643

The pale pink/violet paint is pretty cool. I can’t capture it in a picture but if you personally looked at it, it reflects and has a darker purple shade in different light. It’s little things like that which really makes me love GSC. And the galaxy skirt is replicated here as well, pretty nifty!

_1320645 _1320653

The white paint across her dress is pretty glossy and reminiscent of a pearl white finish. Despite it’s beauty, the paint came across a little gummy (maybe due to the thickness applied?).


The wings are pretty sweet and can swivel about..but due to how the hair is sculpted..there is nowhere to swivel the wings to =( Still it looks great and the pink tips really complements the entire ensemble.



Looking real impressive there!


Accessories wise there isn’t much to boast about. Most of it revolves around her bow with a pair of clasped hands.

_1320662 _1320664

The praying pose is neat but you know what sucks? The stupid round piece of plastic doubling as a magic circle. It might be me but I think this is one of those cases where in theory it’s an ace but in practice, it sucks. The circle connects via another peg and when set up, is supposed to give Madokami extra authority. However it doesnt\’t really look that great and the angle pretty’s weird. Not to mention the extra amount of space needed for that display. I’m sure with enough patience and wit, you can make it work but shouldn’t have to work that hard to affix a magic circle on your Nendos =\

_1320668 _1320670

Still I perservered for 1 more shot before abandoning it all together. Anyways you only get 1 more expression with Madokami and a closed plus opened bow.

_1320672 _1320674

With this pose set up, it’s probably why anyone really wanted the Nendoroid. It looks spectacular! With her wings blazing, Madoka’s gonna shoot an arrow through your heart!


Is that the future me..? – Madoka

Holy crap she is hot.. – Homura



I can sum this up in 1 sentence. Madokami is visually stunning but playability wise, not so stunning. GSC went the extra mile on the aesthetics of Madokami and it shines through the moment you unwrap her. However the other stuff included doesn’t really add to the overall playability to this Nendoroid. Just 1 other expression and bow parts doesn’t blow me away (plus Madoka has different eye colours so no swapping there) and in the end, I’m just appreciating how crazy she looks in my collection..not how fun she was. I don’t think there is any Nendoroid now that exceeds the commanding presence of Madokami and I’m glad to have her but if you’re looking for fun..maybe not this release. Now I rest easy in the knowledge that I’ve completed my Madoka girls so if you guys are keen to jump into this series, check out the rest of my reviews XD



12 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka (Madokami)

  1. Nice and informative review once again! XD
    I’m really excited for my Madokami nendo now. > w <!
    I can imagine her dress on other nendos already. lol!

  2. Spot on on your review. I actually skip her in favor of other nendos that had more stuff to play with ^^. But she is definitely the looker on the desk!

  3. I just finished watching Madoka anime. At first, I didn’t like to because of the idea of pinkness of her but I need to get an idea for my cu-poche Madoka photo shoot. Later on, I found myself hooked and finished off the series in one day. I enjoyed the anime, it’s tragically sad but sweet. The story and that last pose with the arrow aiming is making me want this nendoroid figure.

    • Man….that’s gonna kill your wallet for a long time to come…=/

      I once did the holy trio for Miku Append as well..then I looked at all 3 and told myself never wallet can’t take the beating =3


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