Review: 1/8 Erica Hartmann (Alter)


After a tremendous delay by Alter on her release date plus a lengthened absence away from blogging, poor Erica’s review was pushed back further than it should. Anyhoos, here’s the Kaarsland Ace all here to make your day better! Sturm!

_1320578 _1320580

Hartmann’s box is HUGE and I mean it. Those aerial poses really takes up plenty of real estate so if you’re scarce on space, the Strike Witches might not be ideal.

_1320584 _1320586

Right outta the box you get Hartmann in action with her arms spread out and Striker Unit purring!

_1320588 _1320590

And despite a single rod supporting her, there aren’t any stability issues whatsoever.


The most important thing, the face! I’m glad to report that it all works out and even though Hartmann’s kinda a goofball on the ground, when she takes to the skies….=3

_1320594 _1320596

She has a really simple outfit..just a leather jacket and with believable creases sculpted here and there, it really brings the outfit to life. I do have a beef with her hair though..doesn’t it look abit too neat during flying?

_1320602 _1320600

You get an option to switch the propellors but I don’t really see the point. Since Hartmann is stuck in a flying pose..why would her propellors not be spinning? Still nice thought and I know it’s included with all the other Alter Witches.

_1320549 _1320552

However the  most beautiful aspect of Hartmann gotta be her Striker Unit! Modelled after the Messercharf, the details on this are frigging sweet. Other than the gradient shading across the entire body, you get some wear marks near the exhaust and stuff like that.


The personal emblems together with the Kaarsland logo are also printed on the Striker unit and seriously if you get a chance to see one, just take your time and enjoy yourself.


Check out the Super small print near the exhaust! It’s in German and I’m guessing it’ something along the lines of ‘Stay away from the exhaust’


Accessories wise, there isn’t much but Alter generously provided for an alternate upper body!


On the default pose, you strap her machine gun onto her back and off she goes~

_1320615 _1320613

Hartmann seems to be going into her Strum attack in this pose~

_1320617 _1320619

The gun’s abit tricky to put in so refer to the instructions to save yourself some grief =3

_1320567 _1320569 _1320565

The submachine gun has some pretty awesome weathering plus varying paint applications to make it another piece of art~ I really dig the silver rod in between the barrel of the gun =D

_1320538 _1320540

When you plug in the other body~

_1320542 _1320544

So you get 2 choices here, happy or serious Hartmann! That’s really nice and considering that you get an entirely new body (not just arm swaps), I can sorta forgive Alter for the delay.


I’ve always enjoyed the mischievous side of Hartmann more and this winking expression suits her to a tee! Just makes me happy seeing this =3

_1320561 _1320559

Not much changes with the other body..creases and stuff to give it a proper leather feel.


Her beret follows through on her simplicity and it complements instead of detracting from the overall picture.

_1320573 _1320570


I mean it’s Alter! Most of the time you get a perfectly done up figurine and it’s no different with Hartmann. The only bummer I had was the fact that the Beret couldn’t be removed for use with the other body but overall, you do get what you see. The Striker Units and machine gun are gorgeous and contrasts perfectly with Hartmann’s simplicity and overall despite the slightly higher pricetag, I’m satisfied. However satisfaction doesn’t neccessarily lead to overwhelmed and when all is done and dusted, I can’t fully recommend this release to everyone. Firstly it takes up an enormous amount of space (to display and keep the box) and secondly with a slightly higher price-tag, it will probably deter the casual collector. However if you already have the rest of the girls..this review is probably superfluous….?


And no..I’m not getting the rest of the girls in scale figure forms..=3


6 thoughts on “Review: 1/8 Erica Hartmann (Alter)

  1. Good to see Alter is keeping up I been worried that after all these delays we might be getting some subpar figures. It all seemed to be not the case as this Erica looks just as one would expect from Alter.

    I do wish the faces themselves would be interchangeable would love to get the smiling face with the torso that has the outstretched arms.

  2. Thank you so much for the breakdown. I’m really not into Strike Witches, but I almost want this figure after seeing your review. She’s adorable. Almost want because even though I am now past the girl in panties with propeller legs theme, I am still hung up over the tail. I know, she’s supposed to have a tail. And kind of dog ears. If only you could take that bad boy off. Pantless airplane moe girl, no problem. Pantless airplane moe dog girl, a bridge too far. Don’t know if that makes sense but this is an almost perfect figure.

    • Ahaha I know right!! Strike Witches blend all kinds of themes into 1 rocking package and it ends up having something for everyone! I stopped myself at Hartmann and didn’t get the rest of the girls because if I did..I would be sooo broke and outta space =3


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