Thoughts: I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD (well not really..)


The reason why I didn’t blog at all these few months was because of an increasing workload and also another trip to Japan! I attended the Cool Japan Summer Program by Meiji University and learnt a ton of things and made so many new friends at the same time!P1320799

The program was a mesh of Japanese pop and traditional culture and just being there in an academic position as opposed to a tourist one has opened my eyes just a little wider and made my experience richer.


Other than that I realised that if I were to continue doing reviews, I probably wouldn’t have the luxury to carry on taking outdoor shoots for my cover photos and will have to rely on white backgrounds for least for now =/


Anyhoos I’m back now, to a certain extent and with an insane backlog of stuff to review, expect regular posts and what-not. On a random note, I find Toriis to be the most beautiful thing in Japan. =3


9 thoughts on “Thoughts: I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD (well not really..)

  1. Glad to see you back. I think it’s amazing how you’ve gone that far and wow…Japan!
    I want to go there too, but it’s not that easy applying visa to get there especially if “Single” woman and from Philippines. Ugh! You should post more pics and story! More, more! 😉
    Looking forward to see your reviews. ^^

  2. Oh wow, that sounds like a neat program. Sometimes I wish I had been more outgoing during school to take advantage of things like this. Welcome back, look forward to the backlog!

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