Review: Nendoroid Koujirou Frau


I’m soo lagging behind on my backlog and I had this little baby for months so here is her long-belated review! Frau is here to asjafckdjoflol you and drool over your remains~

_1320475 _1320477

Frau’s from the series Robotic Notes and the second Nendo to come outta of it after Aki.You can also do the AR scan thingy as said on the box and nope I haven’t tried that yet.

_1320479 _1320481

Right outta the box, I’m marvelling at how Frau’s hair stays like that all the time. Pretty much like Sharo, this is something that defies common sense. =3 Anways same uniform as Aki here, simple lines and colours, nothing too killer.

_1320485 _1320483

I like those black ribbons.


And Frau’s pouch is really sweet and unlike Aki’s disaster of a pouch, Frau’s one is well done.


Her hair rotates on a little peg so Frau can go Super-Saiyan on you..nonchalantly..


Accessories wise, not that overwhelming but it’s pretty appropriate for her.

_1320496 _1320498

You get a tiny Gunvarrel and for it’s size, the paintwork and sculpt is pretty good! Plus you get articulation for the hands and leg as well!


That white peg protruding outta his fist is meant to plug into Frau’s hand, so it would look awkard by himself.

_1320502 _1320504

Gunvarrel being dragged all around..poor hero.


Dance I tell you, if not I would roflyolo you.



Hmm…I see some hacking going twintail radar is beeping~

_1320512 _1320516

Awesomely too, GSC provided a just awake hairstyle and expression for Frau and if you watched the series, you would know where this fits in. (The bent knees belongs to Aki though).

_1320519 _1320521

Frau also gets a cheeky muahaha kinda face-plate and holding on to her BL book, it seems super appropriate! It’s very exploitable too =3


Wonder what’s going through her mind..?


Hehehe, Kyon..and Koizumi..*pants pants*..shirt undone..OMGXZ pants off..FKCOFF LOLOX *I CAME*!


Following through with Aki, Frau’s a really nice release and pretty much captures her character faithfully. The 3 expressions provided are all useful and even comes with a seperate hairstyle! Her muahaha expression is classic and it’s usable in so many expressions not to mention that tiny Gunvarrel! However all these would appeal to you stronger if you know the character and for those who didn’t get into this series, it might be an easy pass..?


More thoughts of ripped shirts and muscular thrusts..


4 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Koujirou Frau

  1. Frau is the best girl!

    I love this girl, GSC did an excellent job capturing her character so well. I really like the Gunvarrel and her fantasizing expression! Oh man, can’t wait for GSC’s scaled version!


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