Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider X


With the warrior of the deep, Kamen Rider X joining the fore, the legendary 7 riders have all but assembled in all their S.H.Figuarts glory! This marks a milestone in my Showa Riders collection so let’s crack this hero outta his prison and check out how awesome he is! Set-up, Set-up, SET-UP!

_1330500 _1330502

Similar to his predecessors, the packaging is classy and I’m digging the words on the clear window.

_1330504 _1330506

The whole body is matt and even though I’m not a fan of the suit design, the SHF made it look really good and heroic.

_1330510 _1330508

To add to the realism, there are clothing folds all across his costume which gives a dynamic cloth effect.


The head sculpt is super and I especially like the red underside of his mouth vents..those are only visible from a lower angle too! Not to mention that tiny V across his antenna!


The Ridol looks amazing as well with some clear plastic magnifying the windmill inside. My initial concerns about his massive chest was pretty unfounded as well as the final product made it fit in overall with his physique.


Those red plates can pretty much freestyle all across his torso so that X’s articulation isn’t compromised.


Or so I thought…but upon closer scrutiny..this is the biggest ab crunch our favourite marine rider could muster..which isn’t much..=(


Accessories wise, he comes with a slew of different hands, different versions of the Ridol and 2 scarves.


X! X! XXX!


By whipping out the red handle and pressing a button, it automatically extends into a weapon!


Behold the Ridol Whip!


With another click..


It extends to form the Ridol stick!

_1330495 _1330498

The sticks have a removable red handle so if you pop that off, you can slide it into his hand and cap it back.

_1330544 _1330546

X lunges at the random G.O.D monster for the week! But *gasp* the stick is too short to reach the monster!


No worries, X has that covered to! By tapping on the L button, it stretches to a longpole! (Kinda reminds me of Journey to the West and the golden pole =3 )


Now let’s see you trying to escape my reach!

_1330555 _1330560

*whack* *smack* *thud*


That’s not all the longpole has to offer though! It also has the miraculous ability to stay in the end and function as an Olympic Gymnast’s portable bar!



_1330571 _1330576 _1330579

By spinning on it a few rounds, X gains enough momentum to…


Hurl the Ridol straight at the poor abused Kaijin!


It collided with such massive impact that it warped and encased the fella in a steel grip! What force! (Actually X just pressed the R button and transformed the Ridor into rope form, but hey minor detail there!)


With the G.O.D minion trapped, X leaps up theatrically and proceeds to end this week’s episode with a mighty blow!




I really really like this release from Bandai. You can see that with all the  Legendary 7 Riders, Bandai absolutely made the effort to make them as perfect as possible and it totally shines through. X is the one I like the second least and even though it doesn’t change after this review, I’m more appreciative of his suit design and all the minor details that goes around his costume. The awesome playability with Ridol also boosts this release up in my opinion and made this from ‘ah I need this guy to complete my collection’ to ‘dang I’m glad I got him’ level. X has a really unique color scheme and Bandai making it work just shows how stellar this release is. Only gripe I have is the lack of an effect part but considering how many forms of Ridol you’re getting, ah I can let that pass.




4 thoughts on “Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider X

  1. Whoa… Those helmet details really surprised me, it was a meticulous effort they did on the red lines underside of his mouth vents! The fold details are also too admiring, The spandex details feels more well convincing than Ichigo-Nigo series or even my Dragon Ranger. Anyway, on the back view of his neck… Is that a hole on the center of his rear neck?
    One thing that kinda bugged me is, his red plates articulations feels off if we don’t make them work how they should be. But, I think you know very well to deal with those so It’s just me.
    Also, it seems like X got a shoulder twist articulations there for playing around his Ridol, it’s just shame that Ichigo-Nigo series lacks on those articulations…
    Anyway, another nice review again there! I’m also glad that you had fun with him.

    • Ahaha yeah the fold details were pretty awesome! The hole on the back of his neck is meant for the scarf to go in so once that’s plugged, it looks really nice =3

      Ahaha I think most of the 7 doesn’t have the arm twist going on too


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