Review: Nendoroid Leonmitchell Galette de Rois


I was really excited when Leo was announced for pre-order and after a tremendous delay, here’s her review!! Leo is from the series Dog Days and as a Nendoroid, she even gets her mount Daumas which is so kick-ass!


The packaging is pretty thick due to Daumas (the Chocobo) and kinda heavy so bear that in mind if you’re shipping it!

_1320236 _1320238

Leo loks really good as a Nendoroid, so many things to take in at once. Her shiny black armour, thise gold trims across her dress and those cat ears!!

_1320240 _1320242

From the side you can see how the stand connects to her. Even though she is sporting a cape, the stand goes right through it into the back so no issues here.


Check out the little details! Other than the amor, the gold trims, violet dress and her corset are all done well! Pretty sweet eh~


The ponytail is also movable and swings up and down.


If you desire a more stripped down look, the cape and skirt is removable!

_1320250 _1320252

Daumas is her steed and it’s really nice that GSC decided to provide the Dog Days girls with their Cercle rides.

_1320254 _1320256

Leo’s cercle looks much meaner with all the black and those beady red eyes..

_1320258 _1320260

Articulation wise, Daumas has a lighter head so it doesn’t topple forward as much as Harlan. However his wings attach on a peg and when Harlan has 2 Nendoroid joints for his wing..Daumas only has a crummy peg.


Not to mention the rather obvious paint spill across his collar..

_1320264 _1320266

Still he looks pretty awesome and grim~


Size comparison..Harlan is much wider and Chocobo-ish while Daumas just looks evil =3

_1320270 _1320273

Some bird-talk going on here~


Leo comes with all her signature weapons and when you factor in that’s also with her bird, it’s pretty amazing.


Plus all those weapons look really well-done as well!


Ready…and charge!!


For the pride of the Galette Lion Army!!


She can obviously sit on Daumas and unlike Millifi, Daumas has no harness for Leo to grab on. To ensure the tight fit, you can remove the rear tuft of feathers and there’s a peg in which Leo goes into.


The last expression is a giggling one and this is probablt used when she hangs out with Millifi or something…?


Either that or she’s real happy that a Nendoroid is made outta her character?


Both of them look adorable together..I really need to do an outdoor shoot with them.


Normally I watch or read something, get interested then get their goods. In the case of Leo and Millifi, I have never watched Dog Days but the Nendoroids were just too good to pass up. Not only are they awesome display pieces, they are really playable as well! Leo comes with a slew of detailed, painted weapons together with some interesting expressions and her trusty mount Daumas! Plus her retail price isn’t that high which makes it a really good buy! If you can get her for a decent price, you really should..and get Millifi at the same time =3



5 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Leonmitchell Galette de Rois

  1. Cute review! I’ve only watched a bit of dog days with my friend, but I started because of getting the girls’ figma! Are their nendoroids fun? I’ve been thinking about getting them! PS I love to read your reviews! :Dd

    • Haha thanks! Hmm well the Figmas doesn’t come with their mounts but the Nendoroids do! That’s a major factor on why I chose the Nendos over their Figmas..not to mention I’m a big sucker for Nendoroids..XD


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