News: Nendoroid Mikasa Ackerman

Man I should have really seen it coming….after the Nendoroid Titan all the other characters are gonna bound to pop out and consume my wallet..aah maybe it’s work and other stuff but Mikasa’s release made me go ‘no way! that was quick‘ to ‘damn that means Eren and Armin are gonna follow up soon..?’ kinda feeling.

I mean Mikasa isn’t the most excited apple of the bunch so the default stony gaze works right for her. And check out the glossy leather jacket! =3

A good point Kahotan made was the trainees emblem on the back of the that they’ve joined the Reconnaisance legion….I really hope GSc comes with like a extra set with their capes and new crest..the Wings of Freedom!

The multi-axial maneuver system or whatever it’s called is pretty well represented here. I mean it’s tiny and stuff but it still looks great! You even get a plume of smoke to re-create those frantic dashes. Where are the ropes though..? I guess you could re-create it if you are really serious about it..?

One of my favourite bits in the series is when they do a barrel roll and slice the heck outta the Titans..Corporal Levi does that’s super cool! And to re-create it, GSC even has bloody effects included. I appreciate the thought but shouldn’t blood be done in translucent plastic..? As it is’s gooey.

A desperate expression! That’s a pretty common face made during the series as they are faced with the immense task of taking down those freaky Eotenas..

Erm I’m not exactly blown away by this extra option of Mikasa wrapping Eren’s scarf across her face. Maybe it’s because I think Eren is whiny..=/

I mean like duh..of course I’m getting her..she is one my favourite characters off the series and since I already pre-ordered the Nendoroid’s a no-brainer that I’m getting Mikasa. Shingeki no Kyojin is shaping out to be a major money-sucking device so are you guys on the train now..or just content to let it pass you by?

They are gonna go sooo well together!

All pictures and information kindly linked from Kahotan’s blog!




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