Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Taro


Ultraman no.6 is here! The last of the Ultra Brothers have finally made it into the Ultra-Act line and when I went over to Tokyo for a summer program, this handsome fella was on my BUY OR DIE TRYING LIST! Now it’s time for the review and check out whether my undying devotion to dudes in strange silvery/red suits is worth all that..TAAARROOOOUUU~

_1330259 _1330261I really like the packaging..okay moving on~

_1330626 _1330628

Right outta the box you can see the Taro has some nice heroic proportions..He looks well-toned and the full red wasn’t as plasticky as I thought it would be. Aesthetically..he’s sweet~

_1330630 _1330632

From the side you can better appreciate his bulging chest and strong thighs..probably built up from bashing in giant monsters all day long..


A closer look at the head here. It’s a simple design but his eyes really pop. Not to mention that bright silver that Bandai chooses to adorn all the Ultra Brothers with! His chest armor doesn’t have a splotch of missplaced paint so kudos to Bandai.


However my Taro has some squeaky joints so when I explored turns out that his joints rubs against the paintwork and that really shows in the paint wear..I’m not sure if mine’s an isolated case but it’s probable most Taros are like this since it seems to be a sculpt issue.


His knees are also restricted due to the angle it’s put together. While it allows the figure to possess a more natural look, the double-jointed spoilt me felt it was a step back..ah well.

_1330645 _1330649

Yeap you can still pull off a kneeling pose but as for high kicks..Taro can only probably do a straight one on his best day..


Still you know that attack where he somersaults like a million times before dropping in on a Kaijuu? Well at least that pose is do-able =3


Accessories wise..well not too bad. Other than the requisite beam effect, you get some assorted weapons of Taro’s to mess around with.

_1330639 _1330641

The Ultra Bracelet comes in 2 forms, with and without the crown. The way of removal is identical to Jack’s so if you’re interested, head over for his fellow brother’s review!


Your keen eyes might have picked up on a seperate chest armor and the reason Bandai included it was so Taro’s right arm can move higher up for the Storium beam attack.


Ok before we go further in..the chest armor is pretty functional and isn’t that restrictive. However when you’re busy snapping pictures and trying to tweak his arm for poses, the fact that the armor is detachable always skips your mind (at least for me) and it will come popping out. When it pops does the colour timer and if you’re in any place with a’re gonna have a bad time..=3


For some reason as well..Bandai decided it was a major thing that the Ultra-Act could reprise the henshin pose…I guess that’s where the memories lay..?

_1330736 _1330738

And obviously Taro can don the Brothers Mantle as well! Looking nifty there~


Belial! You will not escape the prison! Surrender now! – Taro


Baaa Taro, I have no time for this! I don’t even need my Battlelizer for the likes of you! -Belial


Now feel the might of the evil *thwack* …….. – Belial


Justice will always prevail! *knees Belial gut in*


Such petty moves..taste my giant hand! – Belial

_1330688 _1330691

Time to die like the embarrassment that you are! – Belial






Nggh…you will not make such light work of a Warrior of Light! – Taro


Behold, the Ultra Toothpick! I mean, Bracelet Lancer! – Taro


Not only is it useful for eating fruits and picking my teeth, it’s also ideal for stabbing villains in their color timers! – Taro

Baaa, I have no time for fruit! Ultra flesh is all I need! – Belial


Your toothpick can’t prick me if it can’t touch me wakaka – Belial

Oh..? – Taro


But my elbow can! *thwack* – Taro


Now time for some grapes! – Taro

Hah, just missed me Mama’s boy! – Belial


I dare you to say that again! I’m not Mama’s boy! I love my Daddy too! If anything I’m an Ultra Daddy AND Mummy’s boy! -Taro


Check out my family jewel! – Taro


*pew pew pew*


Arrggh…such petty attacks will not stop me, I’m evil incarnate! – Belial


Oh yeah..then time to incarnate again!- Taro


Storium Beam! – Taro

On a side note, the beam effect is pretty heavy and I wouldn’t encourage you to display Taro like this for the long run as it might loosen his joints..


Judging by the amount of can probably tell I had plenty of fun with Taro here. Ok let’s pull out all the issues I faced…the limited knee articulation, frequently popping out chest armor, squeaky joints that rubs out the paint and a dubiously coloured beam effect. Ok then off to the good stuff..first of all the ultra-heroic proportions and look, the suave paintjob and overall fun factor. This release of Taro is obviously the best for any action figures you can get right now so Bandai didn’t have to make the best effort..however they did (to a certain extent) and you get a really nice release that is solid and very playable figure despite the squeaking. This is made for fanboys..and Ginga lovers so if Taro appeared in your childhood and gave you fond and lasting memories, do yourself a favour and grab this won’t regret it!


Wonder why didn’t they use an Ultra Act for Ginga..?


11 thoughts on “Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Taro

  1. “I dare you to say that again! I’m not Mama’s boy! I love my Daddy too! If anything I’m an Ultra Daddy AND Mummy’s boy! -Taro” Lol.

    Looks like you really enjoyed playing with these figures a lot. I don’t have background of the character, but it sure is a nice action figure collectible.

    Love the last photo. Where did you get those tiny houses btw? @_@

    • Haha I found it in Akihabara when I was there during the summer program, it was 400 a piece so I grabbed 5 as it’s way easier to get those painted ones than do it myself from scratch =3

  2. Awesome review, friend.

    I have yet to obtain Taro. I’ve already ordered Ultraseven Renewal Ver. from HLJ, but I’m not havin’ him shipped yet.

  3. Hey. I’m from malaysia. I’ll be coming down to singapore over the weekend. Any stores you can recommend for sh figuarts and ultra acts?

    • So sorry about the late reply. There are a few, like The Falcon Hangar, Fujiya Hobby, Rapid Culture, Latendo and not forgetting the Sunday bazaar at China Square Central!

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