Review: Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013 (Strawberry White Kimono Ver.)


Here it is..after a long wait by GSC due to continued delays and stuff..Snow Miku 2013 captivated my soul with her coy smile and oversized headgear so that made me super excited when her package arrived..I got mine from the GSC online shop and now in hindsight, it was the cheaper and safer alternative than trying to get it anyway else..time to eat some daifuku!

_1330394 _1330397

Hands down, Snow Miku 2013 has the nicest box packaging EVER. Not only is it humongous and super classy, it opens up like a box of Japanese confectionery..goddamn..

_1330399 _1330401

Look at this..I mean look at this…! I’ve seen the preview before but opening it up is a whole new experience..*tears of joy*


Ok I’ve calmed down now. Packed inside the box are 2 blisters and it makes you wonder was the packaging really necessary..ah who cares, it looks gorgeous!


Miku comes with a unique peg here, designed to slot under her kimono.

_1330407 _1330409

Right outta box you can see the uniqueness of this design. She is wearing a giant daifuku on her head! Other than that..the serene expression of Miku will calm even a raging bull =3

_1330414 _1330412

With the hat on, she is gonna be top-heavy so be careful when moving her about.


A closer look at her kimono reveals all those snowflakes, red inner lining and a strawberry mark on her inner shirt! I especially dig those brown badges on her costume and hat.


Okay before we go further, let me highlight the biggest issue I faced with Snow Miku. Check out the front fringe and her back ponytail..see that little gap in between the arms between the hair? That’s how much you can move them before rubbing on the hair pieces..and since her kimono is matt white, you are DEFINITELY gonna get teal coloured scratchmarks if you manhandle this lady..

Also the rear hair pieces are made of HARD plastic..don’t be rough because if those snap off, you’re gonna have a bad time. Personally, I felt removing the rear bow of the kimono faciliates articulation but if you dig the aesthetics, just be careful.


That pretty strip over there? Well you gotta fix it up yourself and even though it looks good, if I didn’t have to do this review, I would have left it in the box.

_1330422 _1330424

Her standard arms aren’t gonna give you a wide radius but she’s wearing a kimono, so I’m gonna let it go..=3 And it’s worth nothing that she has nice braids and stuff visible without her daifuku hat!


The hat could probably act as a sofa or something..


Accessories wise you seem to get a tremendous amount at first but once you break it isn’t that awe-inspiring. However in terms of volume..sure..Miku comes with a heck load.

_1330431 _1330433

Of course Miku wouldn’t be Miku without those twintails so GSc packed it in as well. The quality of those tails are amazing and even though the braids are my pick, these awesomely cololured twintails are giving them a run of for their money.


This Snow Miku really nailed the Yuki-Onna look..wahahaha


I’m also digging how the default hands make Miku feel so demure~


The passing of the seasons..


The bulk of the accessories are gonna be the alternate sitting body and this gigantic red-plate. Since Miku is supposed to resemble a strawberry Daifuku or something, she’s ready to be served up to your table..macabre but with such a cute Nendo..I bet she tastes sweet as well =3


There is also a tearing joyful expression (or happily drunk) depending on the angle and it’s supposed to go with the sake saucer. It’s a nice touch and you even get a Snow Rabbit!



Ahh Snow Miku…what can I really say..I’m so biased towards you..Okay reality check now.. *snap back!* The whole packaging reeks of awesomeness but that’s also it’s downfall. It’s much larger than even the biggest Nendoroid boxes and this makes storage and shipping a bane. Adding on to this issue is the exclusivity of this lass, preorders aside..current purchases would probably come with inflated prices. Not to mention the dubious hair pieces which blocks articulation at the cost of scratching paint on the figure..Furthermore since Miku is pretty delicate (especially that white kimono), you don’t want to do that much with her at the risk of dirtying her clothes which really ends up with Miku being a wallflower..but what a blooming beauty she is! Despite all the negative musings, Miku is a radiant beam of light in a snowy storm and her very aesthetics is reason enough for the purchase. Her accessories adds on to her character well and seriously, where can you get a Nendoroid wearing an oversized hat and still manage to look this graceful..

Man that was a really long rant so just to summarize here, Snow Miku has some issues going on with her but if you take time and patience, you can pretty much work those through and appreciate the sublime rapture that is the Daifuku Vocaloid =3


I hope she’s waiting for meeee =3



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