Review: Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Nami (Megahouse)


Finally got my grubby paws on Nami on her 3rd re-release…I really liked Nami’s post time-skip look and when Megahouse announced her release..I was stoked. However financial plus space issues prevented me from pre-ordering but when she got released for the third’s a sign from heaven right? =3

_1330229 _1330231

Nami comes in a nicely compact box and I dig it!

_1330234 _1330236

The whole pose of hers is to show off those incredible assets of hers and Oda sensei’s ridiculous body proportions =3 Which I already got a taste of with Robin-chwan~

_1330240 _1330238

Look at how much she is arching forward..Must be real heavy at the front =3


For all the sex appeal Nami is exuding..she sure doesn’t feel it herself. Instead she’s a picture of Zen calmness..which strikes me as rather odd.


Love how Kinemon keeps calling Nami the ‘breast-banded’ girl in the recent arc! Anyways Nami is showing plenty of skin and I like how everything is done here…especially the area around her tummy~ Yum..


And she sure favours really tight jeans as well!

_1330248 _1330251

Personally my favourite bit is her hair here. From the back there are some obvious seamlines that should have been done better but overall, it’s really pretty in the light! And her Log Pose is made outta clear plastic as well..all it needs is a needle inside =3



Woah that was a pretty fast review but hey..Nami’s a real simple figure. In the age where every figure have all kinds of elaborate things going on, Nami strikes me as a refreshing change here. She just struts her stuff, shows some skin and voila you’re in love~ Ahaha on a serious side, this release is pretty sweet. The quality sculpt plus paintwork is nice and the price-tag isn’t that high as well so it combines to become an affordable package. What bugs me however is the gap between the pose and that just isn’t very Nami no? Probably a mischievious one would fit it better but for what it’s worth, I’m pretty cool with what I’ve got..and I had 2 previous re-releases to consider this purchase =3 So if you’re gonna dive into the P.O.P line (don’t it’s sooo expensive!), Nami might be a good starting point due to her lower price and availability (which really is subjective).


I had no idea Robin was SO much taller than Nami. Ah well.


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